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Is it possible to find very old threads that you started?


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Recently I was in a position to explain to someone why they should not buy a border collie puppy from a certain breeder who did no herding with their dogs.


Several years back, there was a thread I started (titled something like "I think I am getting a puppy"), in which it was beautifully and thoroughly explained to me why no one should buy a border collie puppy from anyone who is not breeding for herding ability exclusively. I had somehow not fully understood, had been led astray by some folks, and many people here helped me to understand.


There were so many excellent explanations in that thread that I would like to find it again to copy or paraphrase some of those things and have on hand in this kind of situation. But when I have searched for it, I have not found it.


Any one know how to find it?


(ps....sorry if this is not the right place to put this)

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I was just starting to answer this when Riika's good post popped up. I find the search function on this software kinda disappointing, so I can well believe you get better results using Google search. Finding threads like this by using the Boards search tools is greatly helped if you can remember one or more unusual word(s) that occurred in the thread, e.g., "Jester," " Wisecarver," and use those as your key words. If you can do that, you will get a manageable number of hits, as opposed to something like "puppy" or "breeder," which are no help at all. I should think the same is true using Google search.

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