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Long time, no see!

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Gosh, it's been, what, a little over a year since I've posted here? Life sure has been busy.


I still have Keeper (my best boy) who is now 3. But last I posted my mom had just gotten her puppy, Scoot. Well, shit happens, and my parents are getting divorced. She decided that apartment life wouldn't be fair to this HIGH drive boy, so I'm happy to announce that he's now my dog! I had been taking him to weekly agility classes for about 6 months for more experience, so it won't be a rough transition. He's an agility freak, and I'm really excited to see where we'll go together. Somehow I managed to get out of trialing Keeper, who was more than ready last fall. But we officially have our first trial this coming weekend! Scoot is nearly 18 months old (and a GIANT at 22"+ and a ribby 49 lbs. He's a slow grower, he'll be over 22 and probably 55 lbs. fully mature) so he will likely start trialing as he approaches 2!


Anyway, it's been a rough road but it has a happy ending. I hope to be around here more these days!





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