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Daily "accidents" - 2 adult dogs - help!

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I'm brand new to the baord and could REALLY use some help!


My husband and I have two adult BC's ? a male named Fly who is nine, and a female BC/Aussie mix named Sweep who we think is about 11. (She was a rescue dog ? we?ve had her for about 8 years). House training has been an issue off and on...now it?s almost a daily occurrence.


Their ?accidents? happen when we?re not here or when we?re asleep at night. It rarely happens when my husband and I are with them in the house. There aren?t more than 4-5 hours at a time between opportunities to go outside, as I come home from work at lunch every day to let them out. They?re both healthy. Neither are crated now ? although we did crate train Fly as a puppy.


I?ve read several articles that say not to punish a dog for an accident that has already happened, so I don?t punish them. Articles also suggest that part of training is catching them in the act and getting them outside quickly. Well, the accidents happen when we?re at work or asleep...so we can?t catch them in the act!


Please help! I?m at my wits end ? and just about ready to throw out two more rugs!

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If you are SURE there is no medical reason for the accidents,i.e. taken them to the vet to be checked, then the only recourse would be to crate them when you are away and at night. IF crating is not possible, then I would contain them in as small a room as possible, like the kitchen or bath. Something where they can not ruin rugs or get into something. The fact is, you cannot punish what you don't see. Good luck.

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Could be that's it's not a house training issue at all, but the dogs are a little incontinent - they leak urine. They have no control at all over it.


Get them both checked at the vet for bladder infections or stones, if they come up clean, ask the vet for phenyl propalamine, (not sure of the spelling) also known as PPA. It's relatively inexpensive, and dogs can be on it for their lives.


Spayed females are particularly prone to it, but I've known a couple boy dogs who've had it as well.


Hopefully it's something this simple and not an illness.


Ruth n the BC3

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I have a 6 year old female that we thought was incontinent as the UA didn't show any signs of an infection. We had her on the medication and kept increasing the meds as she kept having accidents. Finally we decided to do a trial of Clavamox for a week. Then I kind of forgot to give her the meds as we were on an every 3 days regimine for them. She hasn't had any meds since the beginning of September and seems to be fine. We can only guess that she had an infection somewhere in her urinary tract that was cleared up with the Clavamox.


I am only telling you this story so that if the PPA isn't working that it can sometimes be worth doing a trial of antibiotics even if the tests do not indicate an infection.



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