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Diet and attention

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Anyone notice that after changing their BC's diet, their ability to tune out distractions declined?


After picking our dog up, we moved him off the food the foster provided and on to Pro Plan (Focus) of all things. At the time, it was the only Pro Plan I could purchase. Fast forward to a couple of week later when the bag of Focus was empty and I started him on Savor. I noticed a few days later he was having more trouble tuning out distractions while training. Anyone else see a connection between attention and diet or am I just barking up the wrong tree?

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You've not had this boy for long, right? He could be settling in and feeling a little less like he HAS to pay attention. Could be something new in the way of distractions has occurred. I'd look at more where is he in getting used to his new home and what might be happening environmentally before food.


I'd like to know what the ingredient in Focus that provides focus is, too.


Ruth and Gibbs

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I heard an anecdote once (if I remember correct by Andy Nickless who was on these boards a short while), he made a connection with too much protein in the diet, and high strungness.

Apparently feeding a lower protein diet cured a dog in training of that.


Edit:yep, it was Andy, even found the article he mentions it on his site, here you go: http://www.herding-dog-training-border-collie-sheepdog-dvd.com/sheepdog-training-21-the-correct-food-for-your-dog/

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Well the protein in Focus is 29% and in Savor is 26%. We certainly are not working him so I should follow Andy's lead and drop to something with 18%. Proplan's Weight Management Formula comes in a 25%. The lowest level of crude protein in the line of foods.


Thanks everyone!

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