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  1. I agree with chrisandgabe, love your dog. Just got DNA back on our boy Karson who we thought was mostly BC - Surprise! 25% Golden, 25% Russel Terrier, 25% Australian Shepard, 12.5% Border Collie and 12.5 Labrador.
  2. Well the protein in Focus is 29% and in Savor is 26%. We certainly are not working him so I should follow Andy's lead and drop to something with 18%. Proplan's Weight Management Formula comes in a 25%. The lowest level of crude protein in the line of foods. Thanks everyone!
  3. Anyone notice that after changing their BC's diet, their ability to tune out distractions declined? After picking our dog up, we moved him off the food the foster provided and on to Pro Plan (Focus) of all things. At the time, it was the only Pro Plan I could purchase. Fast forward to a couple of week later when the bag of Focus was empty and I started him on Savor. I noticed a few days later he was having more trouble tuning out distractions while training. Anyone else see a connection between attention and diet or am I just barking up the wrong tree?
  4. @ramp - Noted: Ask my neighbor to borrow her retriever for a day. As far as Frisbee is concerned, the first time I tossed him a Frisbee, he picked it up and started shaking it like a rag doll. I get that same reaction playing tug-o-war. When I let him win, he wants to shake the life out of the rope. @Lawgirl - Karson loves tug. Outside he likes to see how fast he can run patterns in our yard. At times he must be leaning 20+ degrees when turning.
  5. I started with our 12 month old rescue who had no training. I was lucky enough to solve the tow truck problem. A treat in my hand right at the position where I wanted him to be, and a stern "Back" with a growl when he started ahead. After a short lesson, I would let him relax on the lease and pull a little. After a few days he would walk right next to me without pulling. Your mileage may vary. Good luck!
  6. Thanks everyone! Since he tends to bolt, I think I'll use the long lead method I used with our retrievers, or I could just get a second dog which he would retrieve for me.
  7. Hello All: We are a Flat-Coated Retriever family that just rescued (three weeks with us) a 12 month old predominately Border Collie mix that we believe had spent part of his life as a stray North Carolina farm country. He is the only dog in the house. He is sweet and loves, dogs, cats and every person he meets. He thinks he is a lap dog. Traits: Wants to herd bicycles, startled by noises, shakes a rope rag doll to death, pounces on things, has the classic head tilt, and learns anything I teach him in minutes. What he has yet to do is retrieve. Anyone have a BC that does not like to fetch? In any case. Glad to find this board and learn about our new friend, Karson. Toby
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