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Hi again!

I was wondering what kind of games you play indoors with your dogs. I trick train with Blaze two or three times a day to keep her interested in working with me, and she seems to enjoy it, but I want to play more with her when I'm not studying and try different things. Can you do shaping with a four month old puppy? :huh: I prefer making tug a game only for outside since I want to teach her to be calm inside and although I teach her manners whilst playing tug (dropping on command, only taking the tug when I say "Take it") she still gets pretty excited. So what kind of indoor games do you play with your border collies? What do they really love?

Thanks for all the help and support, you are life savers for new border collie owners. :)

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Yes, you definitely can do shaping with a four month old puppy. You can do shaping training with a six week old puppy, even; I have done it. Best part of doing it with a puppy is that everything is a game with them, and if you encourage them to experience training as a fun game as well you can create a dog who will always be happy to work with you. Training games are great at this age. Look it up on YouTube. Things like "100 things to do with a box" would be fun for a puppy.

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