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Grooming the Amputee Dog

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My oldest dog, male BC about 12-13 years old, lost a hind leg to cancer. He's great, but I'm having an issue grooming him. He dislikes clippers so I've been scissoring his hair and furnishings but it seems that all I do is cause the fur to mat closer and closer to the skin. Ugh. I'm not sure about letting it grow longer and brushing it -- I hate to pull on his fur near the scar tissue.


Anyone else had this issue? Any advice?


He's a big enough boy that I don't lift him at all easily. I'm not sure how much experience my local groomers have with amputee dogs and he can't or won't turn around even in the 42" car crate so loading him to go someplace is a pain.

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A good patient caring groomer will do well with him. I have been grooming dog for a LONG time. If he stands well it will be rather easy. Some older dogs have trouble standing that obviously is tougher. I usually lay those dogs down on the table. Just have to take your time with the older ones. If making an appt. ask questions, let them know the challenges, I would think after the holidays will be slow so they have more time.

I would clip him at home laying on the floor because it can be over and done in seconds rather than combing and cutting. I find older dogs are not as good at being still and get grumpy quick so do as good as I can as fast as I can with as little stress as I can.


It will simply matt more and be uncomfortable so I would get it done. You might check with your vet office also. Even if the do not have a groomer may help you out. A couple good technicians and a pair of clipper will only take seconds. Might not be 'pretty' but doubt he cares.


Also go to jefferspet.com to the rakes - brushes. There is one called a Magic Spring Comb double toothed rake like 5 bucks. It is wonderful on all types of hair. Separates the strands, desheds without pulling and breaking coats.

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I have the rake that Denice describes and my dogs much prefer it to any other grooming tool. My old Megan, who is very lean due to kidney disease, actually likes being groomed once again because it is so kind to her bony body compared to a fixed-tooth rake (I've always found rakes and/or finer-toothed combs to be most effective). Jeffers also carries a floating-tooth comb in two types but I got the 37 or 38 tooth one and find the teeth to be a bit wider-spaced than I'd like.


I actually tend to groom all my dogs with them lying down and it's the way I've always done it. They sit for their backs (or stand, if they prefer) but I do the rest of them, including nail trims, while they lie on their sides or backs. It's worked for us for years. Maybe it will work for him with a grooming tool that is gentle on his body?


Very best wishes!

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Denice -- got my jefferspet rake today -- and THANK YOU! I'm not going to try to get all the mats out today but he's putting up with it and it is getting the mats out. I really appreciate your weighing in on this. It is also doing a very nice job on my girl with the crappy spay coat.

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