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Freestyle Crowd Pleasers?

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Lily and I recently joined a local freestyle group that dances at charity events and nursing homes. Since it's not geared towards competition I don't need to worry about having a super technical routine. Right now her 'crowd pleasing' move is backing up 5 steps in front of me, rolling over, then going between my legs, and back to my side. As of right now she is the only dog in our group that does this, but I want to expand on our options a bit.


My question is for those of you who do freestyle what are some fairly unusual but fun to watch tricks that can be worked into a freestyle routine? If it helps I'm currently working on a routine for the Swing song 'Sing, Sing, Sing'.

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Cop-cop (dog feet on your feet, then walk) is pretty universally a crowd-pleaser, for some reason. :P


I think I tend to get a fairly good reaction when we do a long scoot (backing up towards me from a distance). Really, anything in reverse seems to impress people. Plus any jumps or rebounds, if you're up for training them.

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One move that audiences seem to love every time is having the dog sit next to you and wrap one paw around your leg that is closest to him. It is easy to train and gets a big "awwww" from the crowd.

From there you can train him to wrap a paw around a cane, broom, whatever you want....also a crowd pleaser.


My Boo is a rank beginner with very few moves so far, so our routine is as simple as they come. but his ending pose is to come back-to-front between my legs and then do a sit-up in front of me. The audiences absolutely love that move. It's super cute with a little white fluffy dog like Boo, but I did it with Jester as well and seemed to get the same response from the crowd. Again, very easy to train.

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You are already doing one of my favorites, backing up.

I am just starting out with dog dancing, so have no suggestions about training, but from watching (way too many) youtube videos, I love all the moves already mentioned.

You are probably past the point of needing this, but I did find the link below to be helpful for me. I am using it to get ideas and it answers my questions of what to call it and how to cue it, which always drives me a little crazy.



It is four pages of canine freestyle skills where it lists

Skill Difficulty 1-3 Description Voice Cue Body Cue


P.S. - I am so jealous that you are in a local freestyle group.

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