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  1. Runa and I had fun leaning some musical freestyle moves. I found this list and we got up to 35 of the moves. There are four pages of skills, listing "Skill, Difficulty, Description, Voice Cue,and Body Cue", which I found very helpful. Also found Runa is a much better dancer than me. Canine freestyle skills https://static.squarespace.com/static/508410f5e4b02e0cbd1db649/t/53556b5fe4b0240356d2d7bb/1398106975058/Freestyle+Moves.pdf
  2. “Bring your child to work day” Border Collie edition- Enjoy! https://imgur.com/gallery/boATMvD
  3. BC cartoons that might make you smile!
  4. I am fortunate enough to have a self-watering dog. Runa has claimed the once decorative pond as her private pool.
  5. - Are there any good resources with examples of commands and tricks and things to train dogs? - I was also looking for something like this for my border collie. I stumbled on this link after we took a couple freestyle dancing classes. The list has about 70 moves/tricks. The list shows - “Skill - Difficulty - Description - Voice Cue - Body Cue”. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/508410f5e4b02e0cbd1db649/t/53556b5fe4b0240356d2d7bb/1398106975058/Freestyle+Moves.pdf I loved this list for giving me ideas and for the verbal and body cues. For the actual training, if I needed
  6. I agree with all the people suggesting a Lyme test. By the time symptoms show it can be advanced. I had a senior rescue that I noticed right away didn’t move right. Her inital tests showed an exposure to lymes, so I had a C6 test done. They treat for lymes if the C6 is over 30, her C6 was 594. Took two rounds of antibiotics to get it under control.. Good luck! There's nothing worse than seeing your pets in pain.
  7. Feeding in her crate was the solution for my BC, Runa. She was an adult rescue and while I was told she was housebroken, that couldn't have been further from the truth. She pooped and peed in the crate, till I started feeding her in the crate. The accidents stopped immediately. Lottie is beautiful and looks scary smart.
  8. GentleLake, thanks for your reply. I had never heard of trigger stacking, but it makes sense, given how sensitive Runa is. I didn't realize how much that dog charging affected her, but looking back, any time that dog was off leash, Runa wanted to be in my lap or be picked up (which I allowed). The last freestyle class, I brought the "Power of her Universe - her frisbee", and watched as "frisbee out" = normal Runa, "frisbee gone" = shut down Runa. It was like an on/off switch. After a while though, it was pretty much all shut down mode. Her reactions make more sense now. When the
  9. I remember reading on these boards, about some border collies going through a fear phase. Looking for advice on Runa, my 4 year old bc. She has always been very sensitive, to the point if I stubbed my toe and said “Ouch”, she thought it was her fault. She was sensitive but not fearful. It’s just been in the last couple months, I have seen a change in her behavior. Our last agility class had a dog that charged her through the barrier, never any physical contact, but it scared Runa. After doing it to 3 or 4 others dogs, that team was asked to quit. Runa seemed fine then, but two w
  10. “Hi” from South Canada! (Actually, Minnesota, but please feel free to adopt us.) I think we may have similar weather, so just wanted to share my experience going down the black hole of dog boots. I agree with the previous posters that recommended Mushers Wax, it is the cheapest and easiest option to start with. I use Mushers wax most of the time for walks and play, and it seems to work pretty well. For furry dogs, shaving pads will make it easier to apply wax and cut way down on the ice balls). My biggest problem was/is when surface snow melts and freezes and kind of turns into
  11. Just some thoughts...... Your interests included acting and you said your dog know lots of tricks. Have you thought about getting your dog an agent? They offer dog acting classes in my city. Maybe you could both be in the business? Also, about the dog dancing suggestion, (my BC loves it) going back to acting and the body awareness it requires, it might be fun for both of you. Great suggestion on Kikopup training videos, she is one of my favorites. About gcv-border's suggestion to teach names of objects, here is some inspiration. Link to a 4 minute segment from PBS where Host
  12. Lots of good suggestions here. I had this problem with Runa, and found a link that suggested using a ball and food. If I remember right, you cut a slice into a ball and put really good treats in it. Let at the dog smell the treats, throw it, when the dog follows the ball, you follow and show the dog that they need you to get the treats out. They said after awhile, the dog figures out they need to bring it to you if they want the treats and when they do, the heavens open and they are showered with treats and praise. Of course this only works with food driven dogs. I never got a chance to t
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