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Frisbee how do you teach them to go further away?

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Will she do a sit stay for you? Then you could walk out away from her and throw the frisbee. I'm not sure...


Briar has just always run out real far when we play frisbee or use the chuckit. In fact I had to teach her to "walkup" because she would run too far out.


We play frisbee and chuckit with her marking out a huge oval. She runs out to her spot. Does the catch, makes a big arch on the other side drops the ball or frisbee and makes a big arch on the other side going back out. I just couldn't get her interested in doing it with sheep! They would have to be painted tennis ball green and launched into the field.

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What happens if you through the fisbee (with no other dogs there) and just wait?


Dazzle doesn't have this problem so I haven't ACTUALLY done this but...


What if you simply tried working up to it?

Through the frisbee (inside her space bubble) and hold her back (to get her really pumped up) and then let her go. VERY slowly increase the distance, each time gettin her really excited by holder her back. If you go slow enough, she won't even notice that she is getting farther away.


Also, when you do this if you add a command to get the frisbee (like "get it") it would make it go faster. She would know that when you say the word (whatever it is) she has to go and get the frisbee.


I don't really know (cuz like I said, I haven't tried it) but this should work, I think. :rolleyes:

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