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Adopting: in process!

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I figured since I've been lurking around and popping up with random questions, I'd update y'all on our adoption process. We started in July, getting approved with the two major rescue groups in our state. Since then we've been watching the dogs coming in, asking about a number of them, met a couple, and generally having a lot of conversations about what we're looking for and what will work for us. We've got young kids and cats who aren't used to dogs, so we came into this expecting it to take a while to find the right match.


We started out asking for an adult, maybe 2 or 3 years old, maybe a little older -- just so we'd know for sure what we're getting. As I said, lots of asking and some meetings, but nothing has come through for various reasons. A couple of weeks ago, the adoption coordinator with one group told me she has a dog she thinks would be perfect for us... if we're willing to consider a puppy. No pressure, and if not she'll keep looking for an adult for us and she's confident there will be one eventually. But she really thinks this puppy would be exactly what we want if we're open to the idea. So, we had to stop and think. I hadn't even been letting myself look at puppies on the website because I'm a sucker for puppies, especially Border Collie puppies. I figured my husband would be the voice of reason, but no -- he actually likes the idea of a puppy better than an adult. We talked through what raising a puppy would look like, the extra expense (spaying, particularly), and all the ups and downs we could think of. In the end, we decided we're open to the idea of a puppy. We know adult temperament is a bit of a gamble, and we could wind up with unexpected issues. But hey, life's chancy anyway. And any of our kids could end up being more trouble than we thought we signed up for, but we took a chance on them too. In spite of some ups and downs, we don't have any regrets so far. ;)


So, if things go as planned, we're meeting the puppy this weekend. If all goes well, she's ours. She's about four months old, give or take a little. Living with kids and cats and doing wonderfully with both. Everything they've told us about her sounds promising. Needless to say, we're very excited about this weekend!


The last couple of weeks we've been making sure everything is ready. Dog supplies purchased, figuring out where everything goes in the house, etc. I'm planning to at least start out by working on Sue Ailsby's training levels ( http://sue-eh.ca/page24/page26/page10/ ). I'm willing to be flexible as appropriate, of course. I just don't want to be fumbling around trying to figure out what to teach, and this looks like a solid place to start.


I'll let y'all know how things go, and hopefully I'll have some puppy pictures to share soon. :wub: If not... well, we'll go back to the drawing board and see what happens next.

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Thanks, everyone! I'm anxiously waiting to hear official arrangements for meeting her (they don't finalize transport plans until mid-week, I'm told) and hoping nothing comes up to postpone.


I have to admit: I tried so hard to tell myself a puppy was the last thing I needed and that I could get a puppy when the kids are grown... but I'm over the moon that (it looks like) it's working out that way after all. :D

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Awesome! Yes, that's who I was remembering. He sure is a cutie, with a memorable face. :)


They do seem to be good folks. I'm sill waiting to hear for sure on puppy transport for tomorrow... right now we're in the middle of about 24 hours of solid rain (due to taper off tomorrow morning) and I'm hoping it doesn't interfere.

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Hey, first time! Sweet!

Yes, she's ours unless we feel the need to invoke the 14-day return policy. ;) I'm kinda in love, though, so she's stuck with us.


She got here around 2:30 and was a little bouncy after spending the entire morning in a car. But she settled in pretty quickly and is getting along well with everyone, although the cats are not pleased by her presence. She balked over going into her crate, and my guess is that she's used to a wire crate. (Right now she's in an airline-style crate we use for taking the cats to the vet -- plans are to buy her a wire one, but we figured we could make a better guess at size after we actually got her.) But once she tried it, she took a nice afternoon nap. She's also spent some time in the living room gnawing on an elk antler. I'm trying to figure out when she needs bathrooms breaks, but I'm guessing that will be easier tomorrow when she's eating and drinking normally rather than traveling.


Back story: she was turned in to a rural shelter in late September. Mother was a Border Collie; the litter was unplanned and the owner was afraid they'd get hit by cars before he could find them homes. Not sure on the dad, but he guessed maybe the neighbor's Aussie. Rescue pulled them, and that's where they've been since. They told us three weeks ago that she was 3 or 4 months and 12 lbs. I'm hoping maybe our vet can give us a good guess on her age next week. In any case, I doubt she'll be huge. Anyone want to play the guessing game on which size crate I should buy? :)

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Thanks! I'm really enjoying having her around. After her nap, she hung out with me in the kitchen while I assembled a quiche to bake in the morning. Lots of (calm) praise for just lying on the floor. I think I'm starting to remember the puppy potty-training routine: twice this evening I caught her as she was starting to squat and we had successful trips outside instead. Hooray! We'll stick with hyper-vigilance for the time being, and in the long run I've got a bell I'd like to teach her to ring at the door.


We'll see if we can find a 36" crate in short order. The one we have is smaller than I think will be comfortable for her for long.

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