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Hi Christine,


My whole life I've had dogs, and before Sparc I had never allowed them to jump at all around people. I haven't seen the specific type of jumping you're mentioning but if it is something like this:




or this:




I started by simply allowing Sparc to jump 'at' me - but I would (and still do) have him "sit" and "stay" until I told him "OK" - then he'd jump at me (I would be sideways to him), and I'd grab him with my arms under him - very quickly he got used to the idea that I would grab him (I mean just a couple of jumps), and then he further got used to the idea that my arms were now the target - so it I set my arms to cradle him, now while he is sitting, he knows that "OK" now means LEAP into my arms.


In the first photo - the cool thing to me is that he, from a sit, can reach my arms (I'm 6'2", and my hair grew back) - and in the second he is jumping off a Spa cover - about 6-8 ft to my arms - he goes without fear, without hesitation, and because I was just adding onto an existing behaviour, teaching the trick took just minutes..

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After much searching I have found a site that has good tips on how to get started into all of this. I just joined today, so I'm a bit overloaded with info but i guess this would be a good start for those of you who want to learn all those cool moves.




I don't know if i'm allowed to post urls, so feel free to edit out of the post, and anybody who is interested feel free to PM me.



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Sorry this is so long, but it works:


I taught Dazzle to do this by first teaching her "up" which meant to put her paws up on me, once she had that down, I would set her up on the couch and then I would kneel next to the couch. Then I said the command "All the way Up" and she jumped at me. Later she would jump into my lap rather than at me. Once I had her doing this, I set her up on the floor and I sat on the couch. Now she was jumping onto my lap from the floor.


Then (and this was the painful part for me) I slowly progressed until she was jumping into my "lap" but I was standing up. This hurts 'cause the dog is jumping up at your face with her big paws!


After she had this down pat, I would set her up in a sit/down stay and move away from her, turn sideways, and said "All the way Up" and she would run at me and leap into my arms. It didn't take to long before she got better coordination and I didn't have to set her up, I would just say the words and then, BAM, dog in my arms!


I don't know if this is the best way to teach this but it sure worked for Daz. At the end of an Agility run (or showing off Frisbee at the park) I would have her do this and everyone watching loves it! It really finishes a performance run with a bang!

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