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  1. Hi, I was wondering if somebody can help me out. I'm going to be moving to the Miami from Mexico in a month or two. Since I'll be staying at a friends apartment, where they don't allow dogs, I can't take my dogs with me and I'll be leaving them with some other friends in Mexico. I was wondering if anybody knows of a way that I can have them shipped to me, so that I don't have to come back to Mexico to pick them up once I get an apartment of my own. Thanks, Ancira
  2. They only do it at night, when we are asleep, so I don't find out until the morning. I wasn't able to take pictures of how they are right now, but I have some from when I was painting the house. I'm going to try to kinda explain de layout, but I'm really bad at explaining. My house has 2 stories, the top one is the kitchen dinning room etc, the second one is downstairs and has 2 rooms and one bathroom. The first picture is taken from the stairs (duh) that takes you down to the "2nd" floor where the rooms are, the second picture is from the landing after the steps looking towards my room which is the one in the end and the third picture is from my room to the stairs. As you can see its a very small space. I've marked with red all the walls they've chewed. An on the stairs I put one of those gates for children. So i leave the door open so it doesn't get crowded, it's really a very small place, that whole are is slightly bigger than my room when i used to live alone. So the space is basically the same, and they never chewed the walls at my old place. I don't think it could be rats, houses in Mexico are very different than houses in the US, most of the walls in us houses are hollow, here they are bricks. In Mexico we do the walls the same inside and outside. So there cant be rats in the walls. Im pretty sure they're really tired, cause when we get home, they're practically dead, they wont even eat until about 1 hr. after we come back from the park, they'll just lie there and not move. As you can see by the pictures, its very difficult to block the walls with something, it would block the whole place up. As i mentioned before, they never used to do this, so im thinking they haven't gotten used to the new house, and they take it out on the walls. So i'll probably keep crating them for now, and give it another try in a couple of weeks...good thing i crate trained them, before i got to these boards, i never crate trained my dogs, of course i din't have BC's before so....you know. Thank everybody for your help Daniel Ancira
  3. I need some help. I just moved to a new house, I've been there since June, and I think Figo and Bella are a bit anxious or uneasy, because thew wake up at night and start chewing the walls. I've tried spraying bitter apple, that didn't work. I rubbed habanero on there (habanero is a very very much spicier jalape?o), and i guess they're part mexican, because that didn't stop them. I left a rawhide bone for them, and that worked, but i'm afraid that they might choke on that at night and I wouldn't even notice. So the only thing that has worked is crating them, but I very much like them to be out and can roam around. What can I do? I'll post some pictures of the wall this afternoon. I take them out to the park for some frisbee for at least 1 hr. every day, just in case you thought that they were'nt getting any exercise. Thanks for your help Daniel Ancira
  4. Well some say its a good idea and some don't, but nobody has answered the questions, so I might as well start BC's Name: Figo M/F:Male S/N:no Age:1.5 Color/Markings:b/w Real deal or half baked:real deal Where acquired: breeder How long have you owned:1.3 Brand of food (or raw):Pro Plan Performance Type of home:House Size of yard:Small Favorite Toy(s):Frisbee Exercize/time spent during week:2 hrs a day Exercize/time spent during weekend:4 hrs Level of training completed:basic Best trick:none Activities: agility for fun, frisbee for fun(please include whether competitive or "for fun") Favorite personality trait:He'll wait 30 minutes for a ball to be thrown (Haven't waited longer than that) Least favorite personality trait:He's not affectionate Gets along with other pets(any):Doesn't like cats Gets along with other dogs:Yes, ignores them Behavior issues:none Medical issues:none Any second thoughts?:no way Advice to those thinking of getting a bc:Make sure you have lots of time to dedicate to him/her Greatest joy of owning a bc:Lots of learning, lots of love, lots of excercise, i could go on and on BC's Name: Bella M/F:Female S/N:no Age:8 months Color/Markings:r/w tri split face Real deal or half baked:real deal Where acquired: breeder How long have you owned:6 months Brand of food (or raw):Pro Plan Performance Type of home:House Size of yard:Small Favorite Toy(s):Figo Exercize/time spent during week:2 hrs a day Exercize/time spent during weekend:4 hrs Level of training completed:basic Best trick:none Activities: agility for fun, frisbee for fun(please include whether competitive or "for fun") Favorite personality trait:She always wants love. Least favorite personality trait:She's too territorial Gets along with other pets(any):dont know Gets along with other dogs:yes, except if they're trying to get in to her territory, will snap at dogs Behavior issues:a little agressivness Medical issues:none Any second thoughts?:no way
  5. I used to be so lazy. When I was still in school all I did was eat, sleep, party and drink with friends, sleep, and maybe if I had some time left over I would study. But after getting my first BC, no more afternoon naps, alot less partying and more outdoor stuff. I used to watch at least 2 movies every day, plus all the shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, animal planet. Fortunately there where 2 changes, I started working after college and got a BC. So it's now work all day, then come home to a dog desperetly in need of running and chasing. So off to the park we go, for at least an hour and a half. Then go home, feed them, and finally when you want to go to sleep, here comes the ball for some more catch. Anyway, I think that my BC's have changed my life a lot, I get out more and of course all the laughing from all the stupid stuff they do, all their wierd sleeping positions, the weird faces, the ocasional "it wasn't me" look. So here I am now with 2 wonderfull BC's
  6. Same thing happens to me. When i'm at the park he leaves it a couple of steps away and then just waits for me to go pick it up, which I do, otherwise we'd bothe just stay there staring at each other and the frisbee/ball. Anyway, when I'm inside he brings the ball at my feet and he actually pushes the ball agains my feet repeatedly until I pick it up and throw it, and then does the same thing. Like you, I always wondered why this happened, and I've come to the conclusion that its because you're not paying attention to him every second. It's actually more like he's bothering you in whatever you are doing and is trying to get your attention and he knows the only way he is going to get it, is by dropping the ball right in front of your face, where its in the way. Thats my theory.
  7. I live in the city and my girlfriend used to take Chula to the park to keep her company on her daily 2 km run, lets say that the people that went to the park looked kinda of mysterious, not very friendly looking people, so I taught Chula to bark on command in case she ever needed to scare someone away, a couple of months passed and I thought it had all been a waste of time. But one night a guy is walking toward my gf and she swears he looked like a rapist, so when the guy is a bit nearer and he's staring her down, she gives the command and Chula starts barking, my gf says the guy went white, and you know how we mexicans are a bit brown in skin color, but she swears the guy was pale white, and the guy turns around and walks away. I now felt more secure with her talking her evening walks alone with Chula. On another note, im getting married in 3 weeks...just in case anyone wanted to know...
  8. I've never owned a cat, but don't cats point their ears backwards when they're mad or scared??
  9. Figo, Puerquito, cabron Bella, chiquita, mendiga For anybody that doesn't know spanish Puerquito is like calling him a fatty and I think everyone has heard of cabron Chiquita is like calling her my little girl, and mendiga is like saying she is a bitch but in a good way.
  10. Last time i went fishing, Figo and Greta thought that I was throwing a ball out to them so I would throw my line out and they start to go after it, but I would cut them short with a quick NO!! Anyway becareful with that!
  11. I second that, old navy discs are the best. I've had mine for 2 years, just don't leave the disc lying around when you're not playing.
  12. Now that you mention it she usually goes for Golden Retrievers, and if I see her showing her teeth or growling i'll go over and grab her by the collar and tell her in a soft but stern voice "no". Other times I use a squeaky toy to get her attention and that usually does the trick, but I don't want it to be the only way for her no to be aggressive. As for the house the new house, the floor is slippery, but not my friends house, so i think she is just scared of new buildings. I'll try treats and going there before our daily trip to the park.
  13. A couple of things kinda bunched up on me and was hoping to get a little help. I have a 7 month old BC, Bella, that is kinda wierd. She loves going out to the park and running all over the place with my other BC. But I recently bought a house, I haven't moved in yet since I doing a little work on it, so I took my dogs over so that I could show them the house. She would not go in, she was scared, and I mean really scared, she did not want to go in. I went inside with Figo and called her to try to get her to come in. After about 10 minutes I decided to ignore her and thought she'd eventually come in by herself. After about 10 more minutes she starts crying and when I decided to go pick her up and bring her in, right before I got to her she laid down and peed all over the floor. Anyway I picked her up and took her inside and she started shaking, I closed the door and put her down, and she laid there 5 minutes and then she was all normal, and then that was that, no more problems, untill I take her out to the backyard and when we where going to go back in the same thing happened, so I did the same thing I had done before. I thought maybe something creeped her out about the house, but the other yesterday I took them over to a friends house and the same thing happened, but we went out to his backyard and she was back to normal, but when I tried to leave, she wouldn't come back in to the house. Anybody had this problem before, what can I do, obviously she's really scared of new places that have a door and a roof. The second thing is kinda related, my 2 dogs are house broken, but they'll go outside all over the place, I never really showed them to one specific spot since my yard was not nice at all, so i didnt care where they went. But the new house has a very nice backyard and I dont want them going all over the place, I dont want them ruining the backyard. I thought about fencing off an area of the yard where I want them to go do their stuff for when Im not home, since I dont like leaving them in a crate. What do you think? And last but not least, Bella has became a bit aggressive, and I think even territorial. Lately at the park she randomly picks out fights with other dogs, usually bigger than her for no apparent reason. At the dog park there are benches and usually I set all my stuff at one of the unoccupied benches and sometimes when dogs come over she'll show her teeth and attack the other dogs, she'll bite them and hang on, its getting really frustrating, i cant seem to find the reason she's doing this, its totally random, some dogs she'll play with and let them come over to the bench and sometimes she doesn't. What can I do?? I appreciate beforehand all the help
  14. It may sound like a comercial, but the Rainbow vacumms work great. I used to have asthma when I was a kid and the doctor recommended getting on of these vaccums since it sucks up all the dirt, humidity and other stuff that induces an asthma attack. Anyway, i had a french poodle that was never potty trained so he would pee all over the house and my mom would go nuts if she even got a hint of the smell (she hates dogs), so as long as there weren't any bad odors, I could keep the dog inside, so i used to vacumm the carpets with it and didn't have any odors. I also used baking soda. Now these vacumms are really expensive, I think they go for about 1000 dlls. They have been around for a long time, so maybe there are new ones that are similar to this one and less expensive.
  15. Bella sometimes lifts both her back legs to pee, she'll balance herself with her 2 front legs and kinda swings....its very weird and hard to explain. Other times she'll lift her left leg when she's finishing up.
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