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BC with dry nose, swollen mouth with lost pigment.


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I have a BC who rather unusually has a grey cracked nose and loss of pigment in lower lips. It's real extreme when looking at the comparative photos. Have been to the vets twice but they don't know what it is. They believe it is one of three things a reaction to the sun, auto immune problem or a tumour. They have given us a prescription of tablets treating a reaction to the sun and we are regularly applying Vaseline to her nose to prevent cracks. We are due to go back to the vets later this week. We are half way through the course of tablets and there is currently no improvement. I know I should have some patience but I'm hoping by reaching out another BC owner will have experienced this,


A little background, she is one of two pet BC's in our household. They are twin sisters who are 3. The other is completely fine. The one who is showing these symptoms is her normal happy and energetic self with full coordination. She has full appetite, drinks plenty of water, stools and urine normal. No temperature, her coat is in lovely condition, vaccs, flea, worm are all up to date. She is showing no signs of pain or discomfort around her nose, lips or jaw.


Have you had any experience of this? any help or advice would be very greatly received.


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Can you get her to a vet dermatologist?

I have no idea if this is the same problem, but one of mine has discoid lupus. The vet did a 'punch' biopsy and discovered that's what it is. Mine only has it on the very end of her nose (where the leather meets the haired part), but I know it can affect eyes too, not sure about lips. Mine gets a dab of steroid cream (and I mean a tiny little dab) on her nose every day in spring/summer/fall and every other day in winter. My vet said it was the earliest diagnosis of it she'd ever made, as we did catch it early. She doesn't think it will get worse (thank goodness). I also use a dog sunscreen on her nose when we're out in the sun.


Hope it is something figured out soon and treated easily!



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I would guess some sort of autoimmune problem, but I'm not a vet. I would probably try an alternative moisturizer to vaseline, something meant for sensitive skin that also contains a sunblock. Just be careful that whatever you're using is okay for your dog to ingest, since they do lick their noses.


A friend of mine said the practice where she works saw something similar, including the depigmentation, in a border collie mix and it was an autoimmune issue.



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Thank you both of you.xxxxxx


Do you know what Diane-I had no idea that there are vets specialising in areas but it makes sense!!! I'm willing to do and pay anything for her. So will mention this to our vet as he may have a recommendation of a specialist vet.


As she isn't responding to the tablets Julie so I think it's looking likely to be an Auto Immune problem. I don't know what that means long term for her. I shall also mention this to the vet.


I have even approached the breeder I got them from who is a life long family friend who runs a farm and trains up sheep dogs. With the thought that perhaps it's something hereditary but he said he has had plenty of dry noses on and off over his 60years but has never experienced anything like this with the lost pigment to date.

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In the US, there is this: www.acvd.org (American College of Veterinary Dermatology). There is a link for "Find a Dermatologist." Hopefully there's one for the UK also!


Just for the record...mine is 400 miles away. (We do go that way for agility sometimes, so it's not a totally separate trip!).

And another for the record: Yes, discoid lupus is an immune system problems. This same dog has immune-mediated keratitis in her eyes. Rescued and loved since birth (in good homes) - but crappy immune system, apparently!

Good luck to you.



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