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  1. Okay, so, I have a female BC puppy who is 26 weeks old, and she weighs ~31 pounds. With that being said, she is a tad overweight due to a smoke problem where I live and she couldn’t go outside and exercise for about 2 weeks. She also suddenly hit a growth spurt and is very tall! We got her at 10 weeks and she was an estimated ~10 pounds. Her mom (working lines) is VERY tall, but thin so I’d have to ask how much she weighs. Her dad (show lines) is on the smaller side, and average BC weight for a show male (Id have to ask for specifics) Everyone told me that she is was on the small side when we got her, but could this just be her big growth spurt? (yes she does need to lose a pound or two, but she’s not obese) Thank you
  2. My border collie is 3yrs old and has started to get very easily tired during exercise. He used to run a lot and run for his ball over and over in the field but he has stopped even wanting his ball throwing for him at all. This happened after he went running for his ball and smacked his foot, since then has not run for his ball or wanted it throwing for him. He is not limping and is not in pain. He is just getting quite tired after running a little bit when in the field and carries the ball around instead. He is not acting different when playing in the garden and is jumping for his ball and fine. Its not easy to tell if to take him to a vets as he is acting fine and happy other than that as he is drinking and eating normally. Does this seem like soemthing that should be taken to the vets?
  3. Hi Guys, I need some help please I have a 7 month old Border Collie Named Misty. She’s always had an appetite and got excited at meal times however the last few days she has been leaving her food. Right from the moment we brought her home she has had the same food. Her food is a custom blend from tails.com which is formulated for her breed, age and weight. She has 2 meals a day, 1 in a morning of just dry food and 1 in the evening of dry and wet food mixed. She has always eaten both meals happily. But the last few days she has started to leave food. Her morning feed she tends to eat most of it but leaves a little. But with Her evening feed she has started to leave over half of the food. She’s no longer excited at meals times and when I put her bowl down she doesn’t want to eat straight away. When she eventually does she will have around half the food then walk away. I’ve tried reducing her portion sizes but she still leaves half. Other than her food she had a Dental chew and that’s it. Shes fine in herself, she’s still drinking and playing. She still goes for her walks and has plenty of energy but she just won’t eat her full meals. I’m just worried that she’s not eating enough and I really don’t know what to do. Is this normal? How can I encourage her to eat?Could there be a medical problem? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hey everyone, I need advice, I am going through a very hard time with my beloved 1y 6m old BC. We live in a 55 sqm flat, we play in the morning 10-11am, then in the afternoon 5-6pm then she gets a poddy walk at 11pm. She has been really good until recently -the past month we did flat renovations, fixed the bathroom. She was good most days, certain days she would be very attention demanding, she would steal tools just to get attention. Now that the works are finished, she still continues to be very not settled, she wants attention every 10minutes, even after being exercised. Our walks haven't been good either, I cannot take her far (I live in a city) because in November I decided that it's finally time to teach her to stop pulling the lead, so now every time she pulls I stop. Our walks are very slow so I only take her on her walks and cannot take her with me on strolls :(. I also love going climbing, but I stopped taking her with me because all she does is bark at me while I'm on the wall, regardless of how much she's been exercised before. To make things worse she's not really affectionate to me. I only use positive reinforcement, I would never hit her. And over the past 2 days she has stopped listening to me. I have had a very unstable /not settled life - I changed country with her when she was 6 months old,then had to fully renovate a flat, my routine sometimes changes 2-3 times a month. My friends who have dogs think my dog is special and super difficult. The trainer at the local dog hotel where I leave her when I go on holiday thinks she's amazing and well trained, my friend who is a dog trainer thinks I don't stimulate her enough, but I know when I do and don't. I think she is constantly testing me and wants to be the boss, she wants my attention. Any tips? What should I do, I love this dog, but I almost don't feel like the right owner
  5. Hello, Our 6 year old border collie was just diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma cancer (skin cancer; nodules all over face/mouth/body). Her only symptoms were an increase in sneezing and sounding nasally, and then we started to notice lumps on her nose/cheeks, etc. Otherwise she is acting herself - is eating, going to the bathroom, wanting to play, etc. We have started her on a steroid to try to "slow down" the cancer, but we know there is unfortunately no cure. My question is...does anyone have a similar story to share? How long did your little friend live for after diagnosis? I know every case is different, but I guess we are trying to wrap our head around this still... Thanks, sad doggie owner
  6. I have had my female border collie since she was 6 weeks old. As far as training goes, she does very well learning tricks and we work on them in short spirts multiple times a day. She knows how to shake, lay down, kiss, and sit. Getting her to listen to me during this is very easy. Although in other situations as to come or stopping her bad behavior. she listens to no one. She jumps up on the stove frequently and now that has resulted in a small paw burn. When she does something bad and we scold her, it is almost like she thinks it is a game and keeps doing it. I am afraid that this is going to result in her getting hurt by doing something stupid or just eating something she isnt supposed to. I am just unsure of how to get her to listen.
  7. Hello everyone, We have a bit of a beginner question. Hope you guys have some useful insights! We adopted a lovely border collie puppy two weeks ago. We've been planning this for ages and she's from a very reputable breeder. She is from two parents active in sports, with calm temperaments at home. Both of the parents are great dogs. Let me start off by saying this: our little lady is lovely as well! We fell in love with her. she is very affectionate. After 10 days she was pretty much potty trained, she loves her crate, sleeps all night and responds so well to training. All in all, the perfect little border collie. However, we are already experiencing some hyper behaviour. She turns into a little landshark sometimes, bites her leash like a maniac when we go out, goes ballistic in the garden and in the house by running around and into things, to the point where she's panting and gets the 'crazy eye'. I honestly don't think it's because she's overstimulated, but just to be sure, this is what we do with her: We go out with her about three times a day, for about 10 to 20 minutes, around the neighbourhood, trying to get her socialised to everything. She gets unstructured playtime for an hour or two a day, she gets kongs and chew toys, and she gets clicker training twice a day for about 10 minutes. The rest of the time she sleeps. I've started taking 5 minutes at the end of every walk sitting down with her and rewarding when she simply sits and calmly observes things. Same thing in the house. This is not easy for her though. We understand that hyperness can be a trait of the breed, but if there's anything we can do about it now, it will of course be better than later. We live in a crowded neighbourhood, (also with lots of parks and green and room to roam), so she needs to be able to settle when we want her to. We don't want her to turn into a cardio machine, so I don't want to completely tire her out physically, especially not at this tender age, so the walks can't be any longer just yet? Any tips? Is this normal baby behaviour? Are we overanalysing? Any feedback is greatly appreciated! All the best, Two new parents
  8. I have a 7month old female border collie. When i take her for a walk and JUST a walk it goes well. Shes at the point where she walks well enough, meaning, she still sometimes pulls and tries to lead but thats about it. Walking on leash has improved but still more area to improve. I take her to this large public park everyday to play frisbee. Shes getting REALLY GOOD! I have her on a 30ft lead just because i dont completely trust her in a public park yet with people, children, and other dogs. She does very well on the long leash and if she gets to nosy and starts to wander i can stop and let her know thats, "too far" and, "comeback". 90% of the time the frisbee is more fun and entertaining then everything else. The PROBLEM comes in when its time to leave. I wrap up the long lead and switch her over to her shorter leash for the walk home (real close, 1min30sec walking). She goes nuts, biting and jumping at the leash, things she doesn't do when we just go for a walk. I try to use commands we've taught like "leave it!" and tell her to "walk". She'll abide but only momentarily. Sometimes i can get her to stop jumping and biting at the leash but she runs furiously to and fro up and down while on the leash the whole way home. Not sure if i should just be patient and chalk this up to her being amped up from play and being a puppy, or its her just not wanting to stop play so she throws a tantrum. Is it something im doing that I could change? It just makes this wonderful and enjoyable experience we have end in frustration in the short walk home. Please lend me any advice and wisdom, thank you!
  9. I have a 5, almost 6 month old border collie female named Brooklyn. My boyfriend and I got her when she was 9 weeks old. Recently she's started having some behaviour issues such as, refusing to go on walks unless both my boyfriend and I go. Also, unless both my boyfriend and I are home she tends to not want to do anything but sleep but as soon as he/I gets home, she'll be back to her normal playful self. Today we figured out that it's not just walks that she will not go on unless it's us both, it's pretty much anything. I tried to take her to our local disc golf course which she loves; I threw the disc and she went after it once and then tried running back to the car. I've tried coaxing her with treats but that doesn't work at all. One behavior issue that she's had the whole time we've had her is when she's around my boyfriend's parents dog (an Aussiedoodle named Harmony) she will basically just harass her even when growled at. When they play outside together, we try play fetch with both Brooklyn and Harmony and Brooklyn will completely forget about the ball( which is odd because fetch is her favorite game and would play all day if we let her) and only try to chase Harmony and bite her ankles. At first I thought it may be her herding instincts but it seems a little aggressive and obsessive now. I'm truly at a loss with these issues especially with her refusing to do things unless both my boyfriend and I are there because it's making her miss out on a lot of exercise. She really is a great dog besides these things, open to suggestions and questions for more context on her personality. And then some pictures just for fun!
  10. Our 5 and half month is soo hyper he comes put of his crates after naps and is non stop even with adequate mental and physical stimulation he just ends up over tired and has to be enforced for a nap. He never stops moving and has too much energy I read in Barbara Sykes book 90% percent of border collies receive too much protein in their diet and need 24% or less. Our boys food is 27% however when I look round for kibble with lower protein its soo hard to find it. Anyone have success stories or any recommendations?
  11. I am training my one year old border collie and I am having trouble with him running through and splitting the sheep. This is my first dog and I don’t have any experience of training dogs. Thank you
  12. I am training my 1 year old border collie and I am having trouble with him as he is running through the middle of the sheep and caring them more than he needs to he is also gripping at them how can I stops this. I am a newbie and this is my first dog so I don’t know much about training them. Thank you.
  13. Hi everyone, I've been reading some of these boards, and there seem to be some very knowledgeable people on here. I have not seen very much on Bud Williams or his method and wanted to see if anyone knew about it or has had any experience with it. I have two border collie puppies that I wanted to train in this way to work cattle instead of for something like trials. Below are a couple of links. First one to an article I found about Bud Williams and the second to his website. http://managingwholes.com/stock-dogs-1.htm http://stockmanship.com/ Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi there! I'm new to the forums so please excuse me if I say something that is incorrect. I have an 8 month old male entire Border Collie. I purchased him from proven champion working stock with lines behind them of the same. The dogs have lure coursing, herding, disk, dive, agility and obedience titles. I sought after a BC as a performance dog and of course, a companion for myself and my other dog. Despite his heratige my border collie has almost no drive at all, for toys, balls or prey. He is fairly driven for food but just seems lazy in general. He is a very fit boy, has been health checked and is in top health and is fed raw so it's not something health related. All his brothers and sisters, mother and father, and relatives have high prey and toy drive. However there is a few strange things about him. He is a tiny border collie, he is only 11kgs (just) at 8 months. All his siblings and parents are large big boned borders. He has large floppy ears that do not perk at all, his siblings have erect ears with tipped tops and so does both lines he comes from. He has a very long "show" coat and look which is abnormal considering he is from medium coated working lines. He also used to have bad fear aggression towards other dogs, with a lot of training he is now friendly and shy. None of his lines have had early fear aggression. He was also bread from dogs that were clear of all hereditary diseases. Everyday I have been working to increase his non-existence drive. I have used flirt poles, tug toys, rewards for fetching and games of chase to try to improve it. It has hasn't worked. When I play with him he just goes through the motions, he will lazily grab at the toy or ball and then tug until I free him. When fetching he will just walk slowly over and pick up the ball before dropping it at my feet and wait for a reward. We occasionally have successes but it's fairly infrequent. So what I'm asking is, have you any idea how I could improve this? I love him to bits but I really want to be able to do performance sports with him. Should I maybe introduce him to sheep? I have heard a few success stories from that. Also, the reason why he is not desexed is to try to help him to grow more confident in hopes to achieve better drive, I have no desire to breed him. Thank you so much! Sorry this is so long but I think it's better to explain everything.
  15. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum! And new to getting a border collie. I'm on the list for a pup in 4 months, from a very reputable breeder. I'm so excited, but I've also been doubting a lot about my choice and I would love to get some input from experienced border collie owners. It would mean a lot! For years , it's clear to me that I will get a dog. My family always had Border Collies and I love, love, love the energy of these dogs. The problem is: I live right in the center of Amsterdam (Netherlands), and I'm in doubt if this is the right environment to make my dog happy. I have a home with a (small) garden. I live near a large dog friendly park. I have my own company and can schedule my time the way I want it. He can come along to the office if I have a long day, which is also next to a huge dog friendly park. I don't live alone: my boyfriend desperately wants a dog as well, and so the dog wouldn't have to go to the office every day. I have a dog school around the corner that offers puppy courses, agility, obedience and frisbee classes. Amsterdam is a very crowded city, but it still has the feel of a village, with small streets, low buildings and lots of green. But it's packed here, and there are lots of cars, and more bikes than there are people. So Im afraid of intense herding instinct, which could lead to him getting hurt. And like any city: it can be noisy and hectic at times. My dog should be able to handle this. He should be relaxed walking around. It should be possible to sometimes have him be alone at home, for a 3 or 4 hours. He should be calm when people walk by the house. The forums are full of stories about border collies becoming nervous wrecks when there are sounds/noises. Long story short: I don't want my greatest wish to turn into my greatest nightmare.. What do you guys think? I appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance! M.
  16. Hello, I have a BC who rather unusually has a grey cracked nose and loss of pigment in lower lips. It's real extreme when looking at the comparative photos. Have been to the vets twice but they don't know what it is. They believe it is one of three things a reaction to the sun, auto immune problem or a tumour. They have given us a prescription of tablets treating a reaction to the sun and we are regularly applying Vaseline to her nose to prevent cracks. We are due to go back to the vets later this week. We are half way through the course of tablets and there is currently no improvement. I know I should have some patience but I'm hoping by reaching out another BC owner will have experienced this, A little background, she is one of two pet BC's in our household. They are twin sisters who are 3. The other is completely fine. The one who is showing these symptoms is her normal happy and energetic self with full coordination. She has full appetite, drinks plenty of water, stools and urine normal. No temperature, her coat is in lovely condition, vaccs, flea, worm are all up to date. She is showing no signs of pain or discomfort around her nose, lips or jaw. Have you had any experience of this? any help or advice would be very greatly received.
  17. Hi guys, Just thought I could share this long but great interview of Tammie Rogers, owner and dog breeder at DarnFar Ranch. It is published on Breeding Business, the dog breeding online magazine. She talks about the creation of a new line/breed, using border collies as service dogs, and more. Check it out..
  18. Yesterday's work day shed a whole new light on my 1.5 y/o BC. She has been working sheep periodically since she was about 9 months old. She's shown quite a bit of talent, a nice easy demeanor with the sheep and the ability to pick up commands. Things were going quite well. Yesterday, however was a mess. She would go from complete disengaged sniffing the ground with her back turned to the sheep to exploding in after the sheep, especially when I would give a "that'll do" command. Often she would do a nice small "fetch" and as soon as I would say "down" she'd lay down, but then turn her attention elsewhere. The whole day seemed to be a about the sheep poop on the ground. She showed some seriously defiant behaviors that the trainer and I could only interpret as her feeling the need to be in charge. So, I am curious if others have encountered this with their dogs and how did you interpret that? How did you change your training? I understand she's still a pretty young dog. I work her 1x per week. Thanks!
  19. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and had a few questions. I'm going to pick up my puppy Friday and was wondering what you all thought about his looks as a puppy. I'm more or less just looking to see if people can tell is he is mixed with Aussie and collie? Does he look more like a collie or a aussie puppy? whether he is going to be a smooth coat or rough or medium? He is 8 weeks old Thank you!
  20. Hello, I know there have been many posts about breeders on here and I have gotten useful information but still need a breeder! We have been looking for about 2 years and have gone to 3 trials (Rochester NY) but can't find anyone actively breeding. I have a few names but no one returns my calls. We have been fostering dogs and next spring would really like to add a purebred puppy to our family. We know there are great rescue dogs (we've helped many BC find homes) and have fostered many puppies as well. We will continue to foster but want to add a working bred border collie puppy to the family. Most of the breeders in my area are sport or have dogs that are skinny with horrible gaits etc. Look at Glen Highland Farms Flat Creek dogs that just came in. No way I'm going to a breeder with dogs so un sound looking. (ps. not that those dogs shouldn't find good homes but I wouldn't support a breeder with dogs like that) Does anyone know a working breeder who is planning a litter for spring 2015? I'm willing to travel. We are looking at Thompsons Farms VA or Culleymont Farms PA but they haven't responded either. Please don't suggest a rescue as I work with one and know of the many wonderful options there but want to go through a breeder. Thanks so much for any information!!!
  21. I am certain I am not the first to post on this topic, but it is something of concern. I recently moved in with my partner and she has a 7-year old, poorly behaved cat. I am trying to find the best solution toward getting them to live together peacefully. Some advice would be very helpful. I will describe the two animals: My BC: very well behaved and listens to commands. Was socialized at a very young age around cats and since has had numerous inconsequential interactions with cats. She always listens to me around them and has yet to show any aggression toward cats. Cat from hell: This is a challenge, and I hate to sound like I'm placing all the blame here, but the cat has very poor behavior. She usually hisses and swats at almost any visitor, often hissing at her owner and myself. She has bad behavior toward other cats and dogs and often charges them in full aggression mode. (fear aggression I am assuming) Initial interactions between the two were fine, but a couple weeks ago they caught each other off guard and the cat charged my pup. The pup was very scared, and assumed a very defensive position of retreat while making a pronounced frightened bark. This was the first time I have seen her so scared. The cat never made contact with her, but now the pup acts very scared around her. Not only that she will get a bit more offensive when she sees the cat and has occasionally raised her hackles and barked and advanced. This only makes the cat more aggressive. So, there you have it. We are working to find a solution. Personally I'm much more concerned with protecting my pup in this sensitive phase of her life. The last thing I want is for her to develop an issue with cats. Any advice will be very helpful! Thanks!
  22. Well I haven't been on much so I just thought I'd post an update about Jinx, he's almost eleven months now. His birthday is coming up(July 14). He is becoming a wonderful companion and I can't wait to see him in the coming years when he really matures and becomes a dog, not a puppy. He's a great dog in and out of the house with only a few very minor "issues." - barking at strangers at night(this I actually really don't mind so much, it's not incessant and he stops, but stays cautious, if I tell him to quit) - slight pulling on the leash, I do have a command to stay behind me(not a formal "heel") and he does pretty well. Surprisingly he does better with this command off leash and on a trail rather than on leash out in public - shoddy recall(my own fault, and something we really need to work on) though sometimes I can call him away from things I didn't actually think he would come away from. But he won't come if he gets very interested in another male dog(he's intact, and I plan on keeping him that way) - he doesn't always bring fetched objects all the way back to me right away, but most of the time he does. I don't throw it if it's not brought all the way back and dropped at my feet or put in my hand - it's really frustrating when it seems like he likes my boyfriend better(bf=all fun and no discipline me=fun, food, discipline, training) Other than those few things he's amazing. He settles in the house, he crates well, he doesn't bark at the door, when we go on long car rides he just sleeps(we've done a few 6+ hour car rides and the first few I would stop constantly to let him out but he wouldn't go, so now I only stop when I need gas and he just sleeps), he's smart and mostly willing to please me, and he loves cuddles(on his terms) He's been a snowboarding, and backpacking, and climbing/bouldering, and fishing. He gets to go everywhere with me. I lived(seasonal, will be back winters) in mammoth lakes, which is a very dog friendly town(heck, you could take your dog into Vons, or your local coffee shop). I think there's a 1:3 ratio of dogs to people there, and not annoying small yappy dogs, these are all outdoor dogs; lots of border collies, actually; huskies, of course; and labs, the perfect dog for a place with so many lakes. Once the snow melted we discovered he likes swimming. Even in the freezing cold lakes that are freshly melted snow(I jumped in and it's quiet literally barely above freezing, you lose your breath and can't get it back until you're out of the water IDK how he swims in it and doesn't freeze to death). You don't realize how skinny he really is until he's wet, he looks like I starve him(which is definitely not the case, he almost never finishes all the food I give him.) People never believe me when I say he's only 42 lbs because he's so fluffy Now that we're back in Orange county, and he's of age I would like to start herding with him and was thinking of contacting Stock Dog Ranch regarding lessons, I believe she's a member on here. I'm hoping his instincts kick in and if the way he plays fetch is any indicator he'll be a stylish(stylish meaning he crouches down low and uses a lot of eye, correct?) dog. Lately he's been spending a lot more leisure time out of the crate as he's learned to be calm when no one pays attention to him, or that's it's ok to just hang out and chew a toy. But that's always with someone there as I'm not sure I'm ready to let him be alone by himself yet. But I suppose I will have to eventually... I just don't know when that time is??? It's not so much about him destroying my stuff, but him not eating something that could hurt/kill him. Anyways, thanks for looking
  23. Skye is my almost 8 month old purebred Border Collie female. She was the runt of her litter, and at 8 months old I would guess she weighs 25 lbs at the most if that! Her mom is around 40 lbs and her dad is around 50+ lbs I would guess. At 8 months old, how big should she be by now? She's still super tiny, and everyone thinks she's a mini Border Collie. She also had coccidia when i got her, and the vet who treated her overdosed her on antibiotics and severely damaged her gut wall. now her gut wall is healed and she's on two probiotic suppements. Could this health issue earlier in life possibly stunted her growth?
  24. Skylar is my six month old female purebred Border Collie, and is also my potential service dog prospect. I got her at almost eight weeks old and she weighed 4.2 lbs and was half the size of her siblings! The vet also discovered that she had coccidia. he put her on 2cc of albon suspension for 20 days. When we went back 20 days later, the coccidia was still there so he put her on 2cc of albon for another 20 days. then we went back and the coccidia was gone, but she now had giardia, so he put her on metronydazole for two weeks. then we went back and giardia was gone, but the coccidia was back, so he put her on albon 2cc for another 20 days. All this time, he never once mentioned that a probiotic supplement to protect her gut would benefit her a lot. I was talking with her breeder one day, and asked about all the other pups. She said that they were all fine and healthy now, and that there was no reason why Skye should still be sick! I decided to get a second opinion with a holistic vet, who discovered that Skye's gut wall had been severely damaged and the other vet overdosed her on meds. He put her on a diet of hamburger and rice only, two probiotics, one other all-natural supplement. That was two months ago. Skye is still severely ill, and could be washed out as a sd at any moment due to health issues. Has anyone else experienced anything like this before? Skye has now been parasite free for two months when i took her to the holistic vet he said she had no parasites at all that showed in a fecal exam. Her gut wall is healed, but she can not tolerate eating any type of kibble dog food or she gets liquid stool.
  25. Greetings all ~ A friend just posted this link from the Caldwell, ID craigslist. I know nothing except what's in the ad, but for goodness sake, can anyone help? Is there a BC/Aussie rescue in Idaho? Is there anyone who can foster these kids? The ad is for a 6 year old intact male, tri-color border collie who "makes pretty babies" and plays ball, plus a very obese but sweet looking blue merle female Aussie. http://boise.craigslist.org/pet/4243600154.html Please contact the person posting the ad, if you can help, as I have no connection to these people. These little faces simply break my heart. (There is a phone number there amidst the all-caps wording.) ~ Gloria
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