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Tommy, be cautious. I'd start w/even 1.5 mg and see what the dog's response is.


The reason I say this is that I am extremely sensitive to anything w/a sedating effect. 2 mg of melatonin knocks me out for about 12 hrs, and I'm groggy for another 12. The diphenhydramine I mentioned in another post about the 4th - half of one of those pills knocks me out, too.


I know dogs metabolize things differently from humans, and I know melatonin is 'natural'. Doesn't mean that it's totally ok for everyone - we need to be cautious nevertheless.


Ruth and SuperGibbs

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I also wouldn't start with 6 mg. I've only ever actually used 3 mg. I try to give it about 1/2 hour prior to whatever's going to cause anxiety or fear.


The effects have been subtle with any dog I've used it on. Nothing obvious like sedation, just a lessening of anxiety. So if your experience parallels mine, you're not really going to know if it's kicked in absent the anxiety inducing stimulus.


I found this doing a quick web search (I didn't read any entries beyond this one; there were others):


"Melatonin typically comes in pill form with 300mg, 1mg and 3 mg dosages. Small melatonin dosage for dogs is typically between 500mcg to 1mg given every eight hours. Large melatonin dosage for dogs is between 3mg and 9mg. Melatonin is given orally to dogs by mixing it to the dog food. Use the plain tablet form of melatonin for dogs, it is not recommended to use sustained release or sublingual melatonin. When using melatonin for sleep related problems, administer melatonin to your dog just before they retire at night. Melatonin takes effect within 10 to 15 minutes in a dog’s body. If your dog gets more restful sleep, you can gradually reduce the dosage. In case of anxious dogs during thunderstorms, you should administer melatonin before the storm hits." (http://www.melatoninfaq.com/melatonin-for-dogs/)


Interestingly, it says it's useful for old dogs with cognitive decline. I may try it for my old gal.


ETA: Reading more now that I've seen the thing about CCD.


Here's another entry with dosages, though, again, I've read before that it's safe to double it when needed:


General Dosage Guidelines:


Oh, another thing I didn't know . . . it's contraindicated for pregnant and lactating bitches and may disrupt the dog's reproductive cycle.


Of course, all the sites recommend consulting with your vet.

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I give 3 mg two hours or so ahead of a storm if I have sufficient warning. I will give another 3 mg when the storm hits if the dog is showing anxiety (trembling, panting). I've never seen any bad effects in the dog, not even sedation. It works pretty well, where I could see no effects at all from the heavy duty stuff like Xanax.


As a person, I am the opposite of Ruth -- it takes an awful lot to knock me out, I envy her -- so that may make me more cavalier. But none of the people I know who give their dogs melatonin have run into any bad effects either.

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I think it is working. We had a terrible storm and the dogs were quiet. I. Now have the neighbor's tree in my backyard and my powerline is pulled off the house. 100,000 w/o power and trees down all over. I am so lucky that the tree didn't hit anything. I've been watching that branch for a long time. At least I don't have to worry about it anymore.


I think the dogs felt that storm hours before it hit. It was really hot and windy last nite and they didn't want to go outside at all.


I'llprobably out of power for days.

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