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NADAC sanctioned trials

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I'm hoping someone out there can help us with this.


Here in Hawaii we have AKC and NOTHING else. We've been trying to get NADAC set up here in Hawaii for the past 2 + years. But it's so difficult.


Is there anyone out there that has experience with this? We've basically found out that any AKC affiliated club can hold a NADAC trial (under the radar sort of) and not have to pay extra for insurance. According to the only insurance co here that will cover this - you MUST be AKC affiliated or they will not cover you. Hmphf. That really hurts us...but it may be the only way.


Of course, the clubs that are AKC affiliated may not want to try and risk loosing their affiliation by running a NADAC trial...so that may not get us very far.


Are there any words of advice from any of you folks out there on how a small club (our local Border Collie club which is only BSCA (ack! ick!) recognized) could possibly hold a NADAC trial?


We have spoken with NADAC and we've spoken with insurers and this seems to be the easiest and fastest way right now. Any other thoughts?



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Hi Diane and Ruth -


Thanks for this info. I do believe that we CAN get insurance through outside sources (off island) BUT if we go through an AKC club, then we don't have to pay extra for the insurance to run a NADAC trial because the AKC insurance covers all types of dog training - not just AKC trials.


That will save us something like $800 a year in insurance. So that is the route these folks are trying to go down.


Thanks for the info though!



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