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Fractured Canine Tooth

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Keeper majorly fractured his lower left canine tooth. I'm pretty much positive it'll have to be extracted. That tooth was always funky, it yellowed really early (enamel dysplasia, according to the vet), and it got 2 shallow chips over time.


So, let's start making guesses about how much this is going to cost. Ugh.






And yes, these photos were extremely difficult to get. :)


If you can't see it, the last photo shows the fracture at the base of his left canine (right in photo).


Don't worry, he'll be headed to the vet. Along with the 3 legged lame Boston Terrier. When it rains, it pours. :wacko:

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It will probably cost around $500. That's what I just paid for Tex to have a molar removed.


I was also told that because he was a Distemper puppy, the enamel on his teeth didn't for properly and will more than likely have others removed in the future.


Best of luck to you!

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It will also depend a lot on the vet. It's been several years ago now, but I had a molar extracted on one of mine for $189. Other vets were asking in the neighborhood of $350. This was a vet I trusted; I wasn't just looking for a bargain basement price. I think it's important to be sure the vet is experienced.


Of course, specialists will be more.

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