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Oblivious to moving vehicles

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Dixie certainly doesn't try to chase moving vehicles. She doesn't seem to know that they exist. Which can be scary on a walk, when she tries to step in front of one to see a cat or a squirrel.


She loves to examine stopped trucks of any size (but the bigger, the better) and the yardwork trailers - and even the yardwork machinery. The guys who work around here know her and welcome her on her investigations.


But she doesn't seem to know that a moving vehicle exists.


She's ~3 year old. We've had her for ~2 years.

We always have her on leash. But what can we do to teach her that vehicles move and can be dangerous?

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Her hearing COULD be bad, however, all three of my dogs act the exact same as you describe yours to be and I know for certain they have nothing wrong with their hearing. It bugs me sooo much especially because we live on a busy farm and they just don't care! They aren't loose without supervision though, so I am able to keep them out of the way.

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Riika, that's exactly it! Dixie can hear a cat teat hit the floor rooms away - and knows exactly where. Of course, she's totally deaf when I try to stop her hauling me (other end of the leash) after a squirrel.

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