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  1. Huge agility trials in Perry, this (as in ended today) weekend and on a fairly regular basis......good way to locate trainers in your area
  2. Valley Veterinary Association in Pine Mountain GA and Hendricks Animal Clinic in Shiloh GA would be good places to start. Both services are familiar with treating goats. As mentioned in an earlier post, it is not uncommon for goat owners to bring the goats to the clinic and save a farm call fee.
  3. Seriously? BCSA breeder website? and a breeding facility with a large number of bitches and sires with links to another breeding facility with multiple, multiple bitches and "sires" both with a major concentration on color......including breeding dilute to dilute....... never thought I'd see such things on these boards.............sad.
  4. JoeAnne, please check your private message for info on a room for the weekend. Christina, the room for the week has already been transferred, sorry. So, I still have 1 room at the motel 6 for check in on the11th with check out on the 14th. it is a non smoking, two double beds, with microwave and fridge. The rate for this room is $41.39 plus tax per night.
  5. There will be a Lyle Lad Clinic in Georgetown TN at Michael Stumpff's Cedar Creek Farm. Cinic will be November 2nd and 3rd. Limited to 12 working spots. For more info please contact Michael at acdresq@gmail.com
  6. There is always tons of work to do before the Finals to get set up and then after the Finals there is more work to take down all that was set up................no shortage of work and a real need for lots of volunteers........ Like Diane said, even 4 hrs will help, that's 4 hrs that might be to relieve someone else for a short time. The more volunteers the lighter the work load for all involved. So, consider volunteering, you will be glad you did.
  7. For anyone thinking about or interested in volunteering for the Finals at Belle Grove if you go to http://wwwlnationalsheepdogfinals.org and then click on the volunteer link in the left menu. That will take you to a page with the contact information for the volunteer coordinators for the various tasks that need all the volunteers that want to have a very rewarding experience while helping put on a great Final.
  8. I would like to heartily second Gloria's post on coming on out and volunteering at the Finals. It is going to be an awesome week............
  9. And Annie Palmer and a group of volunteers just finished sorting 650 sheep to come to Belle Grove out of the flock providing the stock for the Finals. Its getting closer, woooohoooo.
  10. Just checked their website, looks like they have a limited number of rooms left, mostly, smoking and king beds.........If anyone is interested in a room at this motel 6 I have a couple of extra rooms reserved, non smoking, two double beds, microwave and fridge..........I have two extra rooms for check in on Friday, the 11th with check out on Monday, the 14th . I have one extra room reserved for check in on Sunday, the 6th with check out on Monday, the 14th......The room reserved for all week could be modified/changed to accomodate someone coming in later in the week too. ..All three of these rooms were reserved at a lesser rate than the rate currently on the website.......I will hold onto these rooms until someone wants them or until the end of Sept before I cancel the reservations..........
  11. I second the motel 6 in Winchester.........recently remodeled..........no carpets in the rooms, microwave and fridges in most rooms........a very good area out behind the motel to exercise dogs and they are pet friendly............and relatively inexpensive.............and close to Belle Grove and the Butcher Block buffet.............
  12. Yep, I agree with the comfortis too. When we had an outbreak of fleas from some rescues, everybody got a capstar and then got a comfortis, appropriate for size, in their supper that evening........treated sleeping areas etc too.....also important in getting rid of the little buggers.
  13. I can tell you I tried Parastar and it was zero percent effective on fleas......they didn't even slow down.........I think the most effective, quick way to kill fleas is with Capstar, it is only effective for 24 hrs, but starts working killing fleas within half hour. I try to keep a box in the van to prevent things like what happened when you went to your friend's house. Best if used in conjunction with other flea control products. Capstar is considered very safe and can be given frequently if necessary. No prescription needed, some feed stores carry it or you could order some online. Capstar rocks.
  14. Finals website http://www.nationalsheepdogfinals.org menu on the sidebar for info on the Finals
  15. So sorry for your loss, the depth of your love was demonstrated by your difficult choice this morning. You will always remember the joy she provided , keep that in your heart.
  16. I might be looking for a different vet, at the very least a second opinion, as your current vet does not appear well versed in TBDs. Steriods are contrindicated in treatment of TBDs........so I would get a second opinion and do some serious reading on TBDs.. Your vet might have under dosed your dog on the doxy too....
  17. some blue dogs are very dark when older, look closely at the actual nose leather, it will be dark gray in a blue and white dog
  18. <p>Something to keep in mind when checking dog food ingredient lists, ingredients are listed by pre processed weight; Because of that, one tactic used by some producers is to use whole meat as an ingredient. Because whole meat has a high water content it will weigh the most and as a result of that can/will be the first listed ingredient on the bag. Once the food is processed the end result is that there is actually not as much meat product in the food as the mislabel would lead a consumer to believe. The best first, early ingredients are named meat meals. The named meat meals will be meals made from a meat source that has had the water basically pressed out of it, so if a food lists a meat meal in the early ingredients then you are actually getting meat protein and not paying for water weight that is not contributing to the protein source. Consumers need to learn how to read dog food labels to decipher things like that..........salmon versus salmon meal, the salmon meal, by weight will be more "real" salmon and not water.
  19. crate the puppy when the cats are outside.
  20. I would also consider waiting to neuter him as he is not mature yet by any means.........there is no "magic" date or age to neuter a puppy........where are you located? People here might be able to help you better if they knew where you are located.
  21. They have over 500 pages of pedigrees listed...........some that I checked are incorrect. I don't think there is anything that can be done about it. The ones they have listed link to a 4 generation pedigree......some of those are also incorrect(of the few I knew and checked) Wherever they are getting their info it is obvious from missing info like owners, breeders etc that they probably don't have any kind of "official" permission to list much of their info.....
  22. quick question, if you hunt and don't have any interest in herding why would you get a....................nevermind...............
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