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Hey Folks.. I was out at the park the other day with my daughter Hana and Tio testing out my new iPhone 6+ shooting at 240 frames per second. Here are a few examples of the clips slowed down to 10%. The quality takes a real hit with the Youtube compression but you get the idea. It's so fun to watch your dog in slo motion to see the things that your eye can't usually catch. Just watching Tio drinking water was fascinating. So, If you have a new iPhone get out there try it out.


I'm really so proud of this dog. I still can't believe he was unable to walk 6 months ago. He's getting closer and closer to 100% every day. Oh and...Don't mind his coat. He just completely blew it out and while it's coming in fast he's still pretty ratty looking. Cheers..


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Yes, he's come a good long way...


Slo motion is kinda scary that way... I have a couple of shots of him racing down a muddy path and while going around a sharp corner his hind legs lost traction and he wiped out. Really cool but dangerous looking.

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He is gorgeous, if that is ratty looking I think I would hate to see him full and handsome LOL!! He looks so happy and healthy. So glad you never gave up on him, just shows what a lot of love can do.

The drinking thing is fascinating too. My daughter was just telling me about how they curl their tongues under to drink but wow you could really see it there.

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