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Just wanted to say 'hi!'

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Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Kristen. Me and my husband have a 3 yr old little girl and a son on the way. We have a very high energy, 3 yr old pitbull named prada and a black lab/shar pei named goon. Our pit usually has our other dog tired out within a few minutes lol.


Tomorrow we are getting our first border collie! His name is 'Skunk'. That has been his name thus far and so we are going to keep it, but his registered name will be SkunkOnTheFly.


Also, I've seen a lot of different opinions on dual registration (for agility sports) and also, WHEN to get a BC neutered. I am not breeding our dog because he won't be used for herding and so therefor, have no reason to really breed without knowing what potential he has. (his mother is a pet, father is into herding and i have been told the pups have shown potential so far)





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Welcome! You certainly sound like you will have an even busier household very shortly!


Have you read "Read this first" which is posted at the top of each primary page? It will help to explain the philosophy of the boards, particularly with regards to breeding.


As for neutering, there are a number of topics concerning that including some very recent ones. You might want to read up on those when considering both when and if to neuter.


As for dual registration, while there are a few people here who are comfortable with that, in general people here are anti-AKC and that extends to neither choosing to dual-register nor to utilize their venues (conformation, of course, and performance sports and other activities). For most people and many locations, there are alternatives that do provide activities and competition opportunities.


Best wishes with your new pup!

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He's a cutie and I love the name.


Someone else can help you with the registration question. I have no clue about those matters.


WHEN to get a BC neutered is divisive but most sports people do not consider doing it until the growth plates are closed, reducing possibility of injury. So between 14 and 22 months, generally speaking. Usually a radiograph is taken to verify.


Good luck!

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Thanks guys! Ya, i have seen the anti-akc around the boards lol. He is going to be ABCA registered, I was just curious so no one get upset if you read this! haha.


And yes, we always have a very busy household. Our first dog (our pit) we got when our daughter was a month old. My husband is in the Army so he's very active and goes running a lot. Though...as active as he is he really doesnt like the outdoors as in hiking and such. Im the opposite. I hate the whole running, structure and I like going out and taking the dogs exploring and just having fun! Dog parks and woods are my favorite. :)

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Oh my, he is quite the cutie! Reminds me of our pup at that age a bit. Personally I find my border collie (I can't speak for the breed as a whole though) is perfect for that sort of rambling unstructured adventure, wandering through woods or on beaches or in fields. He's curious about everything and happy to be doing things at his own sort of pace, so it works pretty well! He looks like the kind of pup who loves to dig - something about those white spotted paws! Anyways, good luck with him, and have fun.

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Hi! We're new too and our pup's mom was a Yellow Lab (If I didn't see the picture of the litter all together, I wouldn't believe it) and dad was a BC. Skunk is such a cute name!!! We joke that Callie is an upside down skunk because she has the white stripe on her chest, but she's entirely black on her face and back. :P

Take care!


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Aww! We ended up renaming him "Witten" (witten's skunk for registration) the breeder lived on witten run rd. It fit lol.

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