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  1. I wish I knew how to train him and had livestock available.
  2. Thanks! And it's amazing the difference in such a fee short months. It's like a child..makes me sad
  3. I'll have to look them up! Sounds like he has some good lines in there. not that it would matter much since he's not working so it would be kind of pointless breeding him.
  4. I feel like we just got Witten a week ago! When in reality it's already been a few months. He is such a joy to have and has settled into the pack nicely. he loves his brother and sister and of course his humans. Now we are just working on no stealing food!
  5. It's more out of curiousity than anything I'll post tomorrow when my phone is charged.
  6. my BC tortures my cats. one hates him (but hates my other dogs as well) and the other always comes back for more torture lol. my pup is only going to be 6 months and he has tons of energy but nothing that can't be maintained. i think there is a bit exaggeration from people about their energy levels. of course they need tons of exercise (most dogs do) but the thing is even on farms they dont herd ALL day everyday they need to learn to be calm at times. i have THREE dogs. a pit bull, a black lab/shar pei and now our BC. honestly..i love playing with them all but i dont have to. they keep themselves occupied all day and they wear each other down. we still do ball and training but most of the play comes between the three of them...and honestly they would rather rough and tumble with each other over me anyways. which is GREAT because we have a 4 year old and a baby on the way lol. my border collie is also pretty laid back (at least i believe so). he loves snuggling and will sit calmly forever if youre petting him or rubbing his belly. he puts himself in time out when he gets tired. he is also not as outgoing as some have made BCs to seem. he loves people and his own little pack but it takes a while to warm up to new dogs. with people he is less of a jumper than my other two dogs and a lot less hyper. my gram doesnt mind me brining him to her house when i visit but she hates my other 2 dogs because they are insane when they get around other people and animals. we went with a puppy....mostly because my female pit CAN be weird around new adult dogs. shes been attacked a few times by other dogs so now she is a bit more cautious but she is very mothering. so kittens and puppies are her love interest. we live in a 3 bedroom house that is actually fairly small and have 2 acres of land. my dogs wont venture out of the little piece of front yard we have. its kind of annoying to have land and they wont run lol. my puppy likes the normal stuff. my daughters barbies, blocks, wood...but his OBSESSION is toilet paper, paper towels and...just any paper (magazines, news paper, etc). we dont crate our dogs but put them in our bathroom when we leave and if my husband forgets to remove the toilet paper...we come back to a lovely shredded mess. he also likes cushion stuffing (my hubby washed the cushion covers and the one zipper broke). hes a baby but my 2 yr old black lab still loves destroying stuff when we arent home. my pit got over that stage and we leave her out by herself now to watch the house. but she didnt get out of that stage until around 3yrs old. lol
  7. ya is water obsessed. my black lab was like that when he was a puppy too....my lab was a rescue and my BC was an outside dog before we got him so not sure how much water was given to them so it might just be because hes afraid it will go away
  8. hey so i just go witten's papers! yaaaay! are there any lines in the US to look for? i know with horses there are famous lines (i had a mare with lines from impressive and ima cool skip which are both amazing lines). just curious!
  9. my BC grabs the cat by the scruff and drugs him around the house. for us..i really think its mostly play because the cat keeps coming back for more and then they run around each other and the dog loves SITTING on the cat..lol
  10. he didnt have ANY problems at my grams the last 3 days. no dribbles or anything but he got to go outside a lot more because its fenced and i dont have to stand in the cold lol. he also plays nonstop at home and drinks a TON more water when we are here vs when he was at my grams. so i think its just being too occupied.
  11. i honestly think its a 'im too occupied to go to the door' kind of pee. or if he goes to the door and we are busy with our toddler...he waits until he is going to burst THEN goes to the door. i think its just puppy dribbles. my friends male rottie is doing the same thing. little brats.
  12. omg! lol. my husband freaks out. thats his biggest gripe about witten. that and his dribbling. he loves to dribble pee through the entire house. there is prob so much urine we have missed the last few months im scared to blacklight. he hasnt actually squatted in peed in a few weeks and he knows to go to the door but sometimes he just walks around dribbling a line of pee. its sooooooo annoying
  13. thanks guys! lol yea i was laughing at him and used to tease him he was half corgi. he was so stumpy and long hahaha. hes my little turd...definitely a goober. he LOVES paper. he will chew on a bone or toy for a little but if he can reach the toilet paper or any type of magazine he goes nuts with it.
  14. my scale is out of batteries so i havent weighed him. i will have to do that soon and measure him! and your little is so handsome too! love his eyes. i guess witten's legs just seem to stumpy lol. maybe its just me
  15. Hey guys! So witten will be 6 months old on feb 9th! yaaay. Anyways, he seems SO short! Maybe it is just me (and let me be clear I could care less what he ends up looking like lol), but he just seems to stocky compared to other BCs I've seen at his age. His mom was petite but she was long and lanky/normal BC build. I didnt see the dad. Mom was a pet, dad a working dog. Both registered with the ABCA (waiting on witten's papers to come in). Do they 'sprout' at a certain age, or do I possibly just have a shortypants on my hands? (sorry about the crappy pics. its impossible to get him to stay still) also..is there any way to look up his registration??
  16. oh no simba! lol...i know a tiny bit ABOUT horse pedigree but ask me about lines and i couldnt tell you much except for certain lines ive read about or one i owned. my boy's momma was a pet and they said his dad was a worker. i havent got his papers yet as they were waiting until all the pups sold the send them in. lol and yes, my husband tries to act tough and wants to fuss and complain but at the end of the day they are all his babies. he could have really stopped me if he rreeeaalllyy wanted from buying Wit..but he didnt. though it would have been a rough battle! lol
  17. It's so hard teaching a toddler who has three dogs of her own and only has been aaround friendly dogs that not all dogs will appreciate advances. I don't let my daughdaughter run up to any dog and we ask other owners if she can pet...but boy when she ssees another puppy she wants to love it! I'm very lucky. All 3 of my dogs I got as puppies. My one though was already 5 months old and was a rescue. The first time she dove on him with her arms around his neck my breath caught. But he just pushed himself backward on top of her and killed her with kisses. I couldn't ask for better dogs. They're so tolerant and truly love my daughter. They're her shadows
  18. If a bc is registered do they have lines that are better than others,etc? Like horses? I mean I guess some llines are better haha but how does it work in the dog world with pedigree in working lines???
  19. We have a 3 1/2 yr old and I don't know where she was in that pic because she is usually piled on him too lol! An thanks everyone...he is such a little ham. We are working on the begging and stealing food from our daughter. He will eat until he throws up if we let him and if we limit his food an measure it he acts like he's starving. He's wormed. I'm chalking it up to puppy gluten like we dealt with with out other two dogs.
  20. well...time sure flies! we have had witten about 2 months now. we were on a 3 days of no accidents but he pooped in the house today. besides that he is doing perfect on recall and hes pretty good at paw, down, off and sit. hes a little bundle of energy. hes no a big cuddler like my other dogs, he loves being scratched and pet but at the end of the night he will take a spot on the floor over the bed. he always looks so sad though...breaks my heart. oh..and my husband did NOT want him...at all. but that is him and our 3 furbabies together on the couch he is now 'daddy' and will sneak love when he thinks im not looking. hahah.
  21. I totally understand this and why you feel a bit confused. My pit and black lab mix were and still are amazing with food..except for when it comes to the cats because the cats are buttholes. My daughter can jump and lay on my pit while she is eating or chewing bones. My new border collie pup is very guarding of his food, bones, toys, etc. If he has a toy I give him a treat if he let's me take it.
  22. Thanks everyone! He does nap a lot during the day. And the play aggression was right after an hour nap. My aunt freaked so I had to remove him from the situation completely. I will definitely start crating him after I get one! I've been pushing him off the bed when he starts his nastiness towards the other dogs (don't worry the bed is just a mattress on the floor so he can't get hurt). And he suddenly knows his name and come, haha. Like..almost perfectly. It was kind of weird to say his name, have him look then have him come when I say come. And he's been doing it all day now! Maybe he just needed to absorb lol idk. I guess I've read SO much about how they need lots of stimulation or they get a bit devious that I've been trying too hard to keep him occupied. Thanks for reminding me he's still a dog and has to learn boundaries! And I apologize if anyone believes I wasn't listening. It was the first response and I wanted to make sure I didn't misrepresent what was going on so I was just explaining better..
  23. And as I said he has no problem hearing the word no lol
  24. He doesn't chase them away if we aren't in bed though? He snuggles with them in bed or on the couch IF we aren't in bed/on the couch. If me or my daughter are behind him he freaks out on the others. He will literally stand on top of my daughter and "guard" he. He is attached to my hip as well and won't stray from me even to play outside. But then actually calling him to come or listen he just acts like I'm not there. At first I thought he was deaf because I would literally do the excited voice and call him and clap and be wouldn't even look my way. But just other little stuff like draws closing he will perk his ears up.
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