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Bor dur Colly's Puppy: Natural Dog Training by Kevin Behan

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Thanks for all your recommendations given at this posting:



Before asking for recommendations, I ordered quite a few

books, and I finally hit, in my novice opinion, a gold mine:


the book:

Natural Dog Training: Working from the Dog's Point of View


by Kevin Behan


1. What do those who use or used the techniques in this book

think about its success?


2. How does the philosophy of this book relate to the other

books recommended in this posting:




Further Information:

Natural Dog Traning does not turn your puppy into a circus

animal. But, I find it quite compelling, though my puppy is

too young to do most of the things in the book; however,

there are some things that I can apply right now to bring

out my puppy's genetically programmed instincts and to

increase his confidence.


It's not a trick book per say, as I've mentioned; and, it

covers the following training items:

1. Taking the dog for a walk

2. Training the dog to heel

3. Training the sit/stay

4. Training the dog to down

5. Training the problem dog to down

6. Training the down/stay

7. Down/stay with recall

8. Training for the down at a distance

9. Coming when called

10. Retaining the problem dog and boundary training.


as well as:

* Manners: dealing with the critical issues, and

* Housetraining the puppy

* Kids and puppies


These obedience items are covered in

pages 173 through 198, and

pages 205 through 323


Philosophy and theory, background, training tools,

and other items are covered in all the subsequent

pages not mentioned above.


Since I've gotten the book, I'm always on the lookout

for my young puppy to "channel his drive" positively,

and to say "no" as little as possible. At least at my

puppy's young age.



Bor dur Colly

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I like Kevin Behan's Natural Dog Training very much. The only reason I have not been recommending it is that I thought it was out of print. It's a thoughtful book that repays careful reading. (Warning: you have to be able to tolerate a certain amount of New Age-y rhetoric, but it's worth it.) I think it's particularly suited for border collies.


Good luck with it!

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Originally posted by Barb Scott:

I too have this book and like it a lot. If you like to read mysteries, Lee Charles Kelley has 2 books out and a 3rd will be out soon...his hero is a dog trainer who uses Behan's methods! Actually Mr. Kelley is also a dog trainer in New York who uses Behan's methods (when he's not writing!).

Barb S

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Thanks, Barb, for mentioning my books. I mention Natural Dog Training in the back of all my novels and like to feel I'm partly responsible for an increase in Kevin's sales numbers. Certainly on Amazon if you look up my books, you may also find that people who bought say, MURDER UNLEASHED, or my two new books, TO COLLAR A KILLER (from last year) and TWAS THE BITE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (which just came out, Nov. 1, 2005) also bought Natural Dog Training.


There are no border collies in any of my books yet, but I'm working with a client in Bend, OR whose B.C. has leash aggression issues. She contacted me through my books. So I may have to include her dog Kessie in one of my future novels.


Again, thanks for the plug...



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Originally posted by Eileen Stein:

(Warning: you have to be able to tolerate a certain amount of New Age-y rhetoric, but it's worth it.)

Very true and hard to swallow at times but the book does provide an interesting viewpoint on working with the dog to get it to do what you want, as opposed to training that basically goes against the dog's nature.


I used a similar way of thinking and training with Mickey long ago, then read the book some time after I got Boyden and continue to train with the idea in mind.

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