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male to male introduction

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Assuming the 4 year old mix breed hasn't got an aggression issue already, there should not be a problem. Most dogs will do fine with a puppy, regardless of sex, unless there is a prior aggression issue.

I've had four males of various breeds and ages, including a terrier, living together. The terrier ruled everyone and everyone understood that. The older dog will be the top dog (I refrain from the "alpha" stuff) and the puppy will accept that.

Marking may be a problem if the older dog is intact.

So, unless the older dog already has an aggression issue, there should not be any problems.

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There are as many, if not more, horror stories to be found about 2 females living together. They're often worse than males. :rolleyes: That said, I think many more dogs coexist peacefully than not, regardless of their sex.


I'd just use normal introductory guidelines to introduce your dogs. First have them meet on neutral territory, such as a park. Taking them on a walk together would be a good follow up to that. Preferably have 2 people, one with each dog, and start out with them on opposite sides of the people, i.e. the furthest apart they can be. You could then move one of them in between the people, using one person still as a buffer, and then see if they can graduate to walking side by side without issue. If they can't, don't push it. Keep things as neutral as possible and if they need to continue walking out the outsides, that's fine.


Best wishes for a smooth transition. Enjoy that new pup, and be sure to send pictures! :D


In the house, it's best to keep them separated for a few days or even a week. They'll know the other is there behind a closed door or baby gate and will get used to the other's presence that way. If possible try to have 2 people present when you do let them meet for the first time so that you have help if anything untoward happens. Letting them drag leashes is also a good idea, in case you have to catch one or both of them to intervene.


Of course, things may go well more quickly than this, but be sure to let your dogs be the guides. If there's any animosity at all, keep them separated longer. If all goes well on the walks and if you have a safe fenced in area for them to get acquainted, by all means give it a go, with leashes dragging at least at first.

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Thanks for all the great information. My terrier doesn't have aggression issues but he doesn't quite know when to stop. I allow them to have short play sessions both indoors and outside. There is times that the 9 week old puppy will snap and growl. Sometimes the puppy goes off to play and my terrier just wont leave him alone. It is only day two so I will keep working at it. The spends time in his x-pen while both of them nose eachother. There has been some humping going on as I know this could be play at times.

On another note I just love my BC and he is so fun. So very smart already.


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I have a male Bc with a male terrier mix too :P

Anyways, sounds like everything went pretty well? If the terrier is being a bit pushy with playing when the pup doesn't want to I'd separate for a time out and give something for each to stay occupied with. I usually also would say something along the lines of "That's enough" so eventually you can just say it and have the terrier come over for something else to do. That's what I did, but mine was the opposite way around. My BC harassed the terrier lol

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