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  1. Loved the responses. Thank you so much. I talked to the woman at Petsmart near me and I asked how strict she was with things like "come" for recall and bypassing "whatch me." She didn't seem too happy with the questions. I'll try to go elsewhere.
  2. I have never taken a young puppy to puppy manners classes, all they've ever learned has been on stock. Lie down and stand were really the only things that they might have picked up if they'd gone to puppy classes that would have been useful on stock and that wouldn't have interfered. For example, I've seen classes where they teach watch me, but a sheepdog would be learning watch 'em. The focus should be on the stock all the time. So it would be detrimental to teach them watch me. Another concern is that they're trained with a clicker and a sheepdog trains on whistles and voice. Howeve
  3. Because of ivermectin sensitivity, I don't give Heartguard and I've been using Sentinel Spectrum for heartworm. As it turns out, it's also good for fleas. I also use a little bit of apple cider vinegar (the cloudy one) in their water and I use essential oils mixture of rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, and citronella mixed into a cup of water. I spray this on them every day before we go to the fields.
  4. Wanted to add that the browser on BlackBerry devices seem to also be incompatible. I can't quote or edit.
  5. Strange, I'm sorry, I can't quote or edit. My reply was to Sue R's post.
  6. Oh it was the most helpless feeling ever. I have NO idea how or why he ultimately stopped, but I can put my hand on the Bible and sat it wasn't because of ME.
  7. My Quote function won't work. Just want to say @MarkBilledeau, having owned a retired racing greyhound, I *know* that difference. I've lived it. And it is horrifying to experience in open country because there is NO biddability in a sight hound in full run.
  8. I don't know how old your dog is, but you can socialize your dog in less formal ways. I routinely take mine to Home Depot, Lowe's, tractor Supply, car dealers when I take my cars for service, feed stores, Petco, Petsmart, kids' playgrounds, outside mini malls, hiking trails, Starbucks (cpoutside cafes), even some small (not chain) bookstores. My dogs, as a result, are used to noise from big equipment, squealing kids, laying down quietly and not begging, impulse control....you get the idea. If it's socialization with other dogs, I'd be careful. Ask your vet if you can put up a sign
  9. That's funny!!! I always freak out my dogs when I start dancing in the kitchen or when I'm cleaning or cooking.
  10. WOW OP you are a hero to this dog. I have a great deal of respect for you and all your efforts. Thank you for giving THIS dog a chance. You are amazing.
  11. Assuming the 4 year old mix breed hasn't got an aggression issue already, there should not be a problem. Most dogs will do fine with a puppy, regardless of sex, unless there is a prior aggression issue. I've had four males of various breeds and ages, including a terrier, living together. The terrier ruled everyone and everyone understood that. The older dog will be the top dog (I refrain from the "alpha" stuff) and the puppy will accept that. Marking may be a problem if the older dog is intact. So, unless the older dog already has an aggression issue, there should not be any problems.
  12. Thank you. No it didn't. I got two unregistered ranch dogs whose owners are simply working rancher's. They've never heard of dog politics and their dogs work day in and day out. There are many people working who don't trial or don't go online. I took a gamble and for my purposes I am doing fine. But I can see someone less b1tchy than me getting run off and going for the first dog they can find, regardless of registry. It's sad what happens when people ask the "wrong" question or make the "wrong" comment.
  13. I have encountered a breeder tell me that his dogs were too good for me. He wasn't a top breeder. So there ARE breeders of working dogs who won't sell to people who don't trial. I can understand, if someone hears that more than once, that he will go to a non working breeder because he wants a border collie. So there are people who are less than welcoming to people who don't fit their idea of what their puppies should do. It's their prerogative but I can see them being turned off and turning to whatever resource they can find.
  14. Ah yes down. But I've found that a down on stock is almost a whole different command on stock. Sometimes they fight me on it, on stock. Probably the reason I don't trial!
  15. @Sue R Yes, you were clearer than I was. Of stock related commands, the only one I teach off stock is recall. Simply because if I'm in the woods, a whistle will carry better than my voice, or if I'm anywhere that the dog's might be far. I teach that'll do on day one, first meal, running backwards with the bowl in my hand saying that'll do. I never teach a come as a recall. So as soon as I can I start using my recall whistle.
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