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  1. I have a male Bc with a male terrier mix too Anyways, sounds like everything went pretty well? If the terrier is being a bit pushy with playing when the pup doesn't want to I'd separate for a time out and give something for each to stay occupied with. I usually also would say something along the lines of "That's enough" so eventually you can just say it and have the terrier come over for something else to do. That's what I did, but mine was the opposite way around. My BC harassed the terrier lol
  2. From my experience with my BC, neither of the suggestions so far were helpful for us. Not saying they may not be helpful for you, just saying we tried both of those and neither worked in the slightest. Than again, Talon is a much "harder" border collie, yelling doesn't phase him in the slightest. When he's "in the zone" (the stare, crouch) yelling at him is more likely to make him lunge at the car faster in fact. For a while we stopped having him anywhere near cars at all, and honestly, it made his reaction more severe. For us the only thing that has worked is the first suggestion of Contr
  3. This is something Talon had a horrible time with. He'd grab anything, and I do mean anything, from the ground in less than a second. It was way too late for us to say "leave it" or "drop it" for that matter. It was really becoming a dangerous situation, so we did a lot of "It's your choice" wit him like Sekah posted about. Starting indoors than we set up situations outside so I'd know where the piece of food was on the ground before we went out. Worked really well for us, now at the very least if he see's something super interesting he may stop to look at it or think about it, but it gives us
  4. Thanks for the replie, I haven't had a chance to read them. We are having a major medical crisis with Talon right now. So for now this is on the back-burner until we can get him healthy.
  5. We've been limiting the types of food/treats he gets as he get's overexcited about foods easily. Then I'm left with no fingers and his eyes are bulging out of his head and his brain oozes out of his ears. LOL But that is a great idea! I just need to find something that won't attract the bee's as easily and that doesn't get Talon too overly excited. We've used other treats before in the past, maybe a hard cookie type thing might work! Thanks!!
  6. So Talon has had a bad impulse to chase moving objects since he was a puppy. We've started impulse control behaviors as soon as we got him. He waits to get his food. He stays while we throw toys, roll balls, and other distracting things and only gets them when we tell him "ok" (his release word) "get it." We've been giving him an outlet for his chasing needs with balls and frisbee etc. These are all things that really helped out other dog (not a BC, but had movement sensitivities as well) but with Talon it seemed like nothing helped him with cars or bikes. We've got to the point he is fine
  7. I agree with a front clip harness and LAT game (I have the same issue with my BC, Talon, and bikes as we go running on a path that has lots of bikers going by all the time. I'm a pretty small person and Talon has some power, so I totally understand where you are coming from when you are getting dragged all over the place! It's frustrating and scary. If you go to the petstore, I do want to say I do not like the Premiere EasyFit Harness personally, and I really recomend you try it on in store and walk around a bit. I find it rubs horribly under the armpits, causing sores, as well as the fron
  8. I play with my dog in disc dog as well and you really have to build up the endurance. My dog does the same thing as yours, when he get's tired he goes into a voluntary down. That's usually my sign that's he's pretty much done. Since I know my dog will keep going if the frisbee is thrown, even if he is exhuasted or overheating, I'll just keep an eye on him and how he's acting. If his tongue/lips/gums are getting really red that is a sign you need to stop now! Extremely red gums or tongue can be a sign of heatstroke and is very dangerous! When he goes into the down on his own, he probably stops
  9. I keep pumpkin in stock and use it fairly often. It was used in conjucture with the chicken and rice, but also when we switched food in the first place to prevent upset tummies, but it didn't help when the food was added. I'm pretty sure the bag itself was tainted with something, as my terrier has been on the same exact food a few years before with no ill effects and he has an iron stomach. With him we can switch to any food, with zero mixing and he has always been fine. Doesn't even get diarrhea. When he's vomiting and severe diarrhea like that I know it's serious.
  10. I rotate Blue Buffalo Wilderness and Earthborn. Both work great for me, though I'd recomend Earthborn over BB anydyay. Personally, I would stay far away from science diet. I had a horrible experience when I was low on funds and bought Science Diet for my dogs. Horrible diarrhea (worst I've ever seen), extreme vomiting, and lethargy. Took them off it for a few days, attributing it to changing foods, but the second they went back on it (slowly mixing it) they became ill yet again. Had to take one to the vet as he was so dehydrated even after drinking electrolytes. He couldn't even hold down
  11. I usually take no offense to those kinds of things from people. Sometimes people just like feeling superior in any way they can. I was once told by a lady at the dog park that my border collies ears were not "real" border collie ears. I of course replied with "His ears fell off one day so we glued on some german Shepherd ears, thought it was better than prostetics." She was not impressed but my boyfriend and I had a great laugh from it. lol Also if it helps, my BC has a pretty short, but still rough, coat as well. I think it's gorgeous
  12. I also say start now! I know what you mean about the area and finding dog classes, but luckily seattle area has a ton of dog things! Very dog friendly area. Portland I hear is just as good too. I agree, start talking to breeders and rescues, at the very least to get to know them and see what you like/don't like. Oh and early congrats on finishing your degree soon!!!! That's exciting! I've heard this before, but it has not been my experience at all. I generally find if they allow dogs at all, they generally allow a max of two. The problem in this case would be th
  13. Talon isn't the biggest fan of any dog that is overly pushy/jumpy and wants to wrestle to play. But he is not overly pushy about telling them to stop. Our biggest problems are definitely labs who just don't seem to understand "I don't want to play like that" and let good enough alone. Luckily, Talon isn't a BC who hold grudges against the other dogs (so far). If they leave him alone he is fine running along with them, it's when they go back after him (jumping on him or being generally pushy) that he'll give them a few warnings again, but he seems to not want to escalate things ever. He's only
  14. Talon is my first BC and he's still young, but I think the biggest thing I wasn't truly prepared for was all the fear periods. He just finished up what I hope to be his last (or second to last) fear period, but I wish I would not of pushed him to say hi to people/dogs he was scared of when he was younger and scared. Take it slow and easy and go at the dogs pace would be mine.
  15. Thanks for the help! I'm glad everyone thinks it's a fear period, as we can, and have, worked through those before! I'm honestly feeling much better today. Also, my boyfriend took him to the dog park today while I was at school. I had no idea he was going to do that, when I got home they were gone. I didn't know until he got back. >_< But, everything aparently went super well. My boyfriend said he seemed to do just as well as he's done before, he didn't have any problems with the other dogs at all. In fact, he met two dogs on leash (bad boyfriend) and he did fine, no reactivity at a
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