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After Many, Many, Many Years . . .

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I am finally mastering the rear cross!! My timing still needs some work, but they are finally coming together!



The rears are at the end of the run.


It's kind of cool when you finally get something after struggling with it for a very long time. This is the third trial where Tessa and I have successfully executed them. I think it is almost safe to say that I am starting to get it.

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You know, I totally sympathize. I am the least agile human! When we did agility, I was always rotating the wrong way or some silly thing. Then I took my niece Erin out with us to a lesson. Erin was 12 years old and had been taking ballet lessons since she was 2. First time Erin had ever done agility. She ran my Daisy dog, immediately understood the principles of the thing, and did every possible kind of turn correctly the first try. Doh!!! Yes, it can take us ladies a bit longer, and congratulations on sticking with it and getting it done!

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