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thanks for all the info, everyone. I'm hoping to eventually get into either obedience or agility w/ Ben, so I'm looking into it ahead of time. hopefully, as he gets stronger and healthier he'll become more active and less like the couch potato that he has been for the past couple of months.

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If you want to be active in agility shows, the best association for that would be the one that you can get to their shows.


Here, for several hundreds of miles around, the AKC has been and is the only one, so that is the one I work with.


I know that most here hate it beyond words because of what happened when they tried to work with the AKC as the breed club and were not listened to.


If someone wants to work in any way with dogs and lived here, they would see that there is more to the AKC that this one battle over conformation and what happened with border collies.

They do much good in so many other areas of the dog world, as our performance only club licensed by them can attest to.


Some members of our club do attend other association's agililty shows when they are where there are any (one came back from the AKC national agility finals in California and competed there in some USDAA or NADAC ones and did very well), but that is too far away for most of us.


It would be counterproductive for us to say that, because the AKC was started by conformation people and they still run it, all else they are doing today for dogs, that much is taking them slowly away from conformation being that important, is without worth.


I know that no one here want's to hear that but since the original poster wanted information, that is what I have to say.

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