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Meet the Pig!


The Pig is great! If you don't believe me, ask my dog. Sugarfoot loves the Pig too. The Pig is rubber, squishy, and grunts with increasing vehemence the harder he is chomped. The grunt is the good part. It's never really loud - a great relief from ear-busting squeaky toys. It's funny. I smile. This is a good thing.


Sugarfoot wasn't sure about it at first. She never had a toy that grunted before. But she quickly came around and chomps out piggy melodies with her squishy friend, Pig.

Got it at Pet Food Express. 8 bucks. And yes, it's Made in China.


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Grunters are great! Sooo funny.


I find that many of them don't last very long, though. The ones I've had have a large bladder made of very thin plastic (like grocery bag thin) attached to a tube. The bladder breaks easily, and then no more grunt.


I agree about squeakers. They can get on my nerves sometimes. I have 2 chickens made by the same folks who make Cuz balls that make a noise somewhere between a squeak and a grunt. Funny and easier on the ears. :P The new ones I've seen in the stores look the same, but have a different squeaker that's more shrill, so I'm glad I got 2 of the older ones.

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Hmmmm . . . I think Quinn and Tansy might be related. :o She sets out with immediate intent to destroy all plush toys.


I haven't found the fine line between discouraging her from playing with them at all and just discouraging her from destroying them. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

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