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I had an interesting experience on the week end a local repair men was here working on my tractor. He owns a older brother of my dog Tilly named Jack he is 5 years old and never been used on stock. He was loose but behaving himself not bothering the sheep I let them out of there pen into yard Jack took them and put them back in pen like he had been doing it all his life did not run them or anything just nice tight smooth drive. I wonder if at 5 he could learn the commands because he sure knows what he is supposed to do.

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He has an ok recall but that is all he has been taught. When he first seen the sheep he started to rush at them i bellowed at him he stopped immediatly and returned to us his next approach was very calm and quiet he seem to know if he wanted to go near them it was by my rules. i put the sheep down in to another pasture they were following me but he brought up the rear and pushed threw the stragglers this field is long and narrow 35 acres the sheep were at the bottom jack snuck away and brought them all back to the orginal spot on his own which is 80 mature ewes and 60 ewe lambs all in calm walk no rushing threw a narrow gate I was quite impressed.

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