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My BC is testing me? instead of I'm testing her...

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I've been told stories about BC puppies start "forgetting" the basic commands at certain age. The puppy would act like she doesn't understand what you are saying just to see how you react???

My 12.5 weeks now seems to be in that stage now...unfortunately. She learned the basic commands at 8/9 weeks, such as sit, down, getup, come, and some stay. She even impressed me in public.


A few days ago, she stopped coming when I call her. (She still comes when I say "bye bye" because I say that when I leave her in the morning) but she ignores "come". She used to listen to me "stay" when a car passes by. Now she wants to chase. I took her to a petsmart today, she refused to leave the store! (In the past, she looked sad but never refused) I taught her "pee pee" on command when we go outside, now she would just sits on the grass for a long time and stare at me..."what you want mummy?"


I found a good training school (which also has advanced classes like agility for the future) and just waiting to get her the last set of shots in two weeks. In the mean time, I am trying to recover her memory. Did she really forget or she is doing the "BC thing" to test me.


Well, she still impresses me with lots of other things every day. I am not that worried...just curious about the process :rolleyes:

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Could be she's testing the boundaries, now she feels secure with you - or could be she's confused. Either way, at her age, I'd just go back to basics and be sure she really knows what you expect - and be sure to reward good behavior (that is, she does what you've asked for). Work first in an area without distractions, and then add in the distractions.


Make sure she's on a lead or a long line in public, so that she's safe.


Oh, and if she is testing you out, it probably won't be the last time. I know some people prefer bitches, but I do think they can be more sneaky and independent than a lot of males. My little girl (now 19 months) will look at me sometimes with her cute little face and say "Yes - and what are you going to do about it" - or "Sit - I don't understand that - you never taught me". Just as well she's cute and adorable (and right now having her midday nap stretched out at my feet under the computer desk!)

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What time is it over there in Tasmania? It seems like we are usually online about the same time. (You reply my posts right away :rolleyes: )

It's 10:40pm on Sunday over here.


What you said sounded exactly like what I am experiencing! She would just stare at me with her cutest little angel face. My other dog (male) never forget unless I stopped using the command for a long time.


Yes, dogs are the same as human about some things. Females are harder to read, can be (not all!) sneaky, more complicated, play mind games (at least I did when I was younger ) Males are simpler and straightforward.


Hopefully our first puppy school will help. I will keep you posted

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I have Litter mates and the female is the one who still "forget's" sometimes when it doesn't suit her. She knows she is not allowed on the couch. But at least once a week she is up there with such a positive hopeful expression. And she just knows I'm going to let her stay :rolleyes: Not . Her brother doesn't test much at all. As a puppy she did many of the same things you describe. She did remember when I was consistant and reinforced the commands over and over. We went over basics more than once in her younger days. She is happy and is as sweet as she can be. And very well behavied 98% of the time. She is much more independent than he is. Allot of it is most likely personality, but I do think being female has it's definite influence :D Keep her safe until she begins to remember.....

Andrea D.

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When Oreo was about 6 - 7 months old he turned into a major juvenile delinquent. Wouldn't come when called, refused to pay attention to me in class or at home, would just look at me like "you talkin' to ME?"


He also got sassy and nippy. I thought we would have to give him up because it doesn't seem like a good thing when you are barefoot in the kitchen and your dog won't let you by because he's nipping at your feet. He had me in tears.


Anyway, we persevered, kept going to class, kept working him, insisted he do a lot of control type activities for everything he needed or wanted. (Nothing in life is free) By that I mean he had to sit and/or flat whenever he wanted to go outside, before he got fed, etc.


We also hand-fed him again so he got the point that the people with the food were the ones in charge, not him.


It took a while, but he is very good now. Very little attitude. If he does get frustrated training or not understanding what it is that we are asking for, he just gets vocal and talks about it a little. He also starts going through his whole repertoire of tricks, hoping to find something we like. We don't reward him for that, but it is kind of funny.

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Buddy went through that stage at a couple months old. He wouldn't come and got the urge to chase cars, but never actually did it, he would jump up and act like he was going to run after them. He went through that fast because I keep on him with the commands and I guess he got it through his head that I wasn't going to stop and he wasn't going to get any treats or praises unless he did something good. It only lasts for awhile so don't give up.

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Inu, I also have a 12-13 week little girl, who sounds like she is alot like your 'little angel' .. she conveniently 'forgets' the rules and all we've taught her, but we reinforce and reinforce and hopefully, she will come good. She's a little devil, thats for sure. Our 8 month old boy is such a good boy, its actually a shock to our systems to have a little brat on our hands :rolleyes: nah, we love her to bits and wouldn't have her any other way. We just know its going to take persistence with her, but hey, it'll be worth it.


Alot of the time she refuses to sit for her food etc, we just take the food away and walk off. After 5 minutes we try again and she suddenly remembers!


So you see, its just about persistance and letting her know that you are the boss and that 'forgetting' will not be acceptable.

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Sorry I'm late reading this topic, but I had to second what Oreo's mom posted. After I taught Chief basic commands, we immediately did the "Nothing is Free" concept. He was getting an attitude with us, even at 12 weeks, so we implemented this to bring him back to reality that he is NOT the boss in this house. The concept is basically that he has to respond to a command before he receives anything, including being let outside, being petted, play time, and feedings. I would instruct him to either "sit and "stay" or "lay down" and "stay" before he got anything he wanted. This has really worked wonders. It's funny to watch him bounce around because he wants to go outside so badly and then try to sit at the same time. His butt is up and then down several times. I only open the door for a complete butt on the ground sit. It's so cute to watch him, as he knows he needs to sit, but can't contain his excitement.


The best command though is a "Sit-Stay" before I feed them. I always add some kind of meat or vegetable to their kibble and they really want there food, so to cut down on the rushing to their bowls as I'm trying to set it down, I make them both sit. They sit, stay and when I release them with "Okay", they run to their bowls to eat.


I also reinforced any "come" with a treat he really likes. Now, he always comes when called, even outside. Good luck with your girl, INU! She'll come around-MA

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