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Pleat, 1998-2013

Sue R

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Pleat is not my dog but since I don't believe that Scott or Jenny Glen frequent here, I'd like to remember him. He passed away yesterday, in the arms of those who loved him and surrounded by memories of a great life.




Here is what Jenny had to say about Pleat - "Pleat's biggest accomplishment was being the first Canadian bred dog to win the USBCHA National Finals, his sister was reserve champion the same year. It was all the more special because not only had Scott bred and trained and trialed them both but he had also trained and run their father and grandfather. Pleat and Scott went on to captain the world team to Ireland, win the Bluegrass Classic, the Meeker Classic Sheepdog Championship Trials, and Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship. He is the only dog to have done so. Last year, Pleat was having more and more difficulty on our long travels, and was at first baby sat, and then adopted by Pat Novak (and Sarah) who made Pleat's last year the best year yet. They were there tonight to cuddle and love him and make his passing easier. We are in their debt."




This is Pleat with his winning gold medal at Soldier Hollow. I had the privilege of seeing Pleat (and Scott) win the Bluegrass the first (I believe) year I was there. I also was able to watch them compete in the qualifying and Semi-Final rounds at the 2005 World Trial at Tullamore. Scott and Pleat were always a classy team and a formidable force on the trial field. I understood that Pleat also worked cattle in his day.




Scott and Pleat shedding (photo by Vickie Close).




He was able to visit with Scott and Jenny just a short while ago and I love this photo of him settled in on the porch. As Jenny said of his visit, that he came home, marked everything, and settled down on the porch to keep his one good eye on everyone.


That'll do, Pleat! You were many times over a true champion.


PS - These are not my photos. I have copied them from the Alta-Pete Stockdogs page on Facebook. I did not think Scott or Jenny would mind a tribute here to Pleat.




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