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I figured that it didn't matter what word you use to train your dog, but it is the sound they remember. For instance, if I say "hot dog" instead of "come here", they would still get it eventually.


Does it matter what words you use in competitions and shows? or do you have to use the standard words?


I am not at all planning on giving away or selling my BC ever so as long as she and I can understand, I would like to use our own special words (not "hot dog" though)

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If English is not your first language, it's kinda cool to train in whatever other language you prefer. She could always re-learn commands in English if god forbid something something happened to you. We've gotten dogs in rescue that were completely trained in Welsh, German, Spanish, and Scottish (that's a foreign language, right?). They switched over right away. I have a fifteen year old dog here who learned all his sheep commands in the old American way, "Get back", "Go Out" "Sit!" "OK, here". He also knows the British style. He responds to the old ones better and the older and more stubborn he gets the more I find myself using them.

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