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Difference Types depending on the Country they are from?

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No such thing as an "English" or "Irish" type BC.


In both countries they come in as wide a range of shapes and sizes as anywhere else they are bred to work without interference from any registration body that has appearance as a criterion.


There do tend to be more short coated dogs from upland areas here in England than lowland and if there is a difference between working dogs from different countries I imagine that working conditions there will play a part in determining which, if any, type is preferred.

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The only the country that stands out to me is Australia as it is a source for the AKC dog, there is a very distinctive show dog look that has been imported. Someone on this board refered to them as black and white golden Retreivers.

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.


I find them distasteful and ugly, not least for what they represent, but they are the sort that the general public (and some people who ought to know better) will comment on as "beautiful".


(Off now for the weekend to BC land - aka the Lake District. Unfortunately typical Lakes weather is predicted tomorrow.)

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You can pretty well guess what sight. Puppy Find. Not sure which one it was but it was for a b/w pup. I just like to look at all the different pups. He was pretty. Just made me curious if there was a difference. I know is some breeds such as cockers there are the American and English. Had never heard of it in BC's.


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I know is some breeds such as cockers there are the American and English.Jan

(English)CS and American CS are two distinct breeds just as all breeds using the description "Terrier" are different, but the OP was asking about different types of the same breed.


(English) CS do come in different types, working and show, but although our KC recognises them as the same you wouldn't get far in the show ring with a working type. Same with labs, springers, GRs. If you're going to work a gun dog you don't want a heavy set dog with an impractically heavy coat so the working types are more athletic and lower maintenance. And that's just appearance.

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