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How safe are antlers?

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When I say "how safe", I mean in terms of germs, parasites, thingies that could cause upset/illness.


I'd like to try giving Lewie something effective and safe to help clean his teeth. Because of his autoimmune disease (Evan's Syndrome) I'm hesitant to run out and get one although I've eyeballed them in the pet store several times. I understand antlers are generally safe for a normally healthy dog, but I'm hypersensitive to anything that might kick his immune system into overdrive, putting him in jeopardy.


We're battling summertime allergies right now. My poor boy had such a sneezing fit yesterday that he had an honest-to-goodness nose bleed. Really glad I had pet wipes with me! We went to the vet yesterday for bloodwork for an allergy test. I'm pretty sure his symptoms are seasonally environmental because on clear, dry, low humidty days he has no symptoms at all.


Any thoughts?


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We use them here. Faye consumes everything that goes in her mouth. Antlers if big enough last for a long time. They don't seem yucky to me. I've never thought about it. they don't really get wet or mushy. Faye the chewer just keeps working on the ends and slowly whittles them away.

Raven is my senior, 14. Even she will chew on them sometimes. Not for long cause I think her teeth are not so good but she does chew them every once in a while.


As far as clean.....I think better than most things that get chewed but that's just my opinion from watching and stepping on them. They don't stink either.


An 8 inch, thick antler lasts for several months with chewer Faye. That's with other dogs chewing on the same one too. I eventually toss the piece that's left for fear of choking on the smaller piece but they are my go to chewy. Nothing else has lasted over a day here.

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My dogs love antlers! They don't smell and they don't get slimy. Faith is a powerhouse of a chewer and decimated a medium one in a weekend. So now I get the biggest ones I can find. GA & TX will chew on them for months, though. I suppose, if you were worried about bacteria, you could occasionally wash them off with hot water. No one has ever had an issue at my house though.

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There was a thread on that not too long ago. I have never had issues with mine. A friend did.

Either way, I have mine much bigger than most.


Doh! :blink:


I never thought to do a search.

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I only have one. The dogs don't like it much. It is porus in places and that could hold germs. I'm not sure if it would be safe to boil them, but I knew someone that boiled their NylaBones regularly.

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