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Great Weekend in a Brand New Sport

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This past weekend, I took Tessa and Dean up to Altoona, PA to participate in the first ever eastern Rally FrEe competition.


For any of you who don't know, Rally FrEe is a hybrid of Rally Obedience and Canine Musical Freestyle. There are elements of both in it, and there are some aspects of it that are unique to itself.


I have been taking classes since December, and my instructor and another friend and I all went to the event, which is on the second one ever, and the first in the east.


It turned out to be just as much fun as I had anticipated. Tessa did really well - she had an absolute blast. Her precision isn't quite there yet, but it was plenty good enough for Novice. We will be working on making hand cues more subtle, more confident responses to certain cues, and starting some very difficult stuff that we will need in Intermediate.


She earned her Novice Title over the weekend and I was proud of her in every way.


Dean battled some stress. Although he has been very successful in APDT (now World Cynosport) Rally, this presented some new challenges for him.


But he worked through all of it and he never quit on me. He also earned his Novice Title, and I think I am most proud of him. Of course Tessa has had to overcome a lot to get where she is now, but she has a natural love for working in the ring. Dean has to work to enjoy himself out there, and he got that job done!


I am progressively describing the whole experience on my blog. The first post is just about the first part of the first day. Over the next couple of days I will be writing up the second part of the first day, the second day, and then reflections.




Enjoy! And if any of you have any questions about the sport, I'd be happy to try and answer them.

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Thanks, Jovi!!


Here is Tessa's Traditional Ribbon Photo. I actually don't usually do this for Q flats, but these are special since they are the first of their kind for us!




Here are all of them together for the two dogs!!! Titling with both of them was actually a very, very big accomplishment for us.




Can't leave Dean Dog out. Posing with one of the items in his "Having the Most Fun" basket. Of course Tessa had to tuck herself into the picture!! They were tired after their long weekend!



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