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We are trying to decide on what new heartworm med to try. We were using interceptor but since it is not available we have been looking at trifexis, revoution and advantage multi.

I have seen warnings for trifexis on pet meds states not for collie dogs. I found one site with a warning on revolution and am unsure of of advantage multi as it is moxidectin and imidacloprid which i am unfamilar with but think we saw a warning for collies with moxidectin at some point. Just wondering what people out there have tried with success and no ill side effects.

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Unless your dog is part "Lassie" collie, your dog should do fine on Trifexis.

All heartworm preventatives are in the same class of drugs and have been proven safe at the heartworm preventative doses in dogs with the MDR1 mutation (i.e. lassie collie). This is well documented on the WSU MDR1 website.



This is from the product label of trifexis under Animal Safety:

In an avermectin-sensitive Collie dog study, TRIFEXIS was administered orally at 1, 3 and 5 times the upperhalf of the recommended therapeutic dose band every 28 days. No signs of avermectin sensitivity were observed after administration of TRIFEXIS during the study period to avermectin-sensitive Collie dogs.


source: Product Label



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