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  1. My border collie is 4 and over the past 6 mos has begun to loose some weight. We have tried increasing his food intake, changing to a high protein, low carb food (solid gold) as well as a lamb and rice. He will eat it a couple of times and then refuses to eat. He will only eat when I stand over him repeatedly telling him to eat. The vet told us he needs to gain weight because you can feel his ribs and his backbone was starting to tent. he is mixed 1/2 border, 1/4 golden and 1/4 lab. But he really is a border and has all the traits of a traditional border. He herds, has high anxiety, and always needs to be by our side. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks
  2. We are trying to decide on what new heartworm med to try. We were using interceptor but since it is not available we have been looking at trifexis, revoution and advantage multi. I have seen warnings for trifexis on pet meds states not for collie dogs. I found one site with a warning on revolution and am unsure of of advantage multi as it is moxidectin and imidacloprid which i am unfamilar with but think we saw a warning for collies with moxidectin at some point. Just wondering what people out there have tried with success and no ill side effects.
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