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Tri color female needs help

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I have a tri color female border collie that needs to be in a rescue that can handle a high drive dog. Below is a short version of her story as I know it.



I took in a tri color female that was chained to a tree. Her eyes were matted and her ears were raw from fly strike, so I couldn't leave her. At the time I took her I was scheduled to have surgery in two weeks so a friend that has a boarding kennel has kept her.


We need some help with her. My dogs all live together and She is VERY high drive; she does not get along well with other dogs. She stalks anything that moves and is very annoying to other dogs and she will not back down from a fight. Not a candidate for a pack dog and we have three GSD's, so she can't come here. She will chill in the house if she is allowed loose, but she doesn't like being crated. My friend is going through some life changes and can no longer keep her.


The good news on her is she has 30 days of professional training on sheep. (I got her from an open handler that wasn't interested in finishing her training as she is spayed) She knows that'll do and down well and was just learning her sides. I watched her work and she did nicely for the time involved. She is pushy so she needs much more to be reliable. She also has a couple of weeks of obedience training on her now.


Is there a rescue out there that could take her? She is a very nice dog with a lot of potential, but wherever, or whomever, she came from didn't know how to train a high drive dog and it shows. I will do my best to get a photo of her the first of next week.

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Here is a picture of her. She is small about 18 inches and maybe 30 lbs. if that.


I can't believe that there have been 221 views and no one has a suggestion on what to do for her. Her home that she is in now will be gone in a couple of weeks.

post-1604-047809300 1340913196_thumb.jpg

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I think that part of the problem is her issues with other dogs. Most people who foster dogs for rescues have dogs of their own. So, it's tough to find someone willing to foster a dog that will fight with the resident dogs, or otherwise be a management nightmare.

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Well, I count for several of those views. Lately because I check to see what's going on.


I am looking for a young female. But I really can't go to Georgia to visit one.


Sorry - and I hope she finds a new home.

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She is NOT a fighter as such. She is an annoying dog with her "herding" behavior, and won't back down when the other dogs have had enough. That is a training problem.

Yes and no. I have found established interdog herding behaviors to be next to impossible to stop. So while it may have been a training issue in that it was allowed to start, it's a habit now, and those are much, much harder to break.


Like Mary said, I'd consider taking on a dog like that, but frankly, I can't stand a dog that works the other dogs (and doesn't back down when they tell her they've had enough). Most working dog folks have more than one dog, so it really is a problem. Of course there may be someone out there who kennels their dogs and who could manage her by not letting her freedom to run with the pack, so to speak, but most multiple dog households aren't going to want to deal with the dog working behavior.


FWIW, my youngster doesn't back down when the other dogs take exception to some of her obnoxious behavior. The lack of submission does lead to fights, and that is no fun for anyone involved. For me, who never has passed a dog along (i.e., sold one on), this might be the behavior that changes my mind.


I do hope you find a foster or someone willing to take her. Is there no one in your local sheepdog community who has a student who could use a talented started dog? How old is she?


It may be worth your while to post her to sheepdog-L (if such posts are allowed; you could ask Heather). She'd reach a wider audience of working dog folks there. And as I said, such people are more likely to have kennels where she wouldn't be living as part of a household and therefore possibly causing problems with household dogs.



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Julie, there is no sheepdog community within five hours of here. I tried to help the dog. I know I can't take her because of her behavior (my husbands GSD's would kill her). I don't have a problem with no one else wanting to take her for the same reason.


I did think that some of the rescues on here would have a way to advertise her though. And maybe in the few weeks she has left someone would want her.


I've done what I can.

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Not sure if you have already tried, but you could directly e-mail Border Collie rescues within a few states of you. Tell them in detail the situation with photos and see if any have any room for her. There are always transports so there would be a possibility of her getting rides several hours away. At the very least rescues can then network to help spread the word. In the right foster home (say maybe just one other dog) she may prove to be okay with other dogs or just one 'right' dog.


I once placed a blind Aussie in rescue that was not in an appropriate home originally. The rescue was very willing to help out to my surprise and even transported her into Canada to the perfect foster home. It gave me such a great feeling about rescues and their ability to network and help dogs with no other options.

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The Border Collie Rescue of North Georgia might be an option. They don't have any dogs on their adoptable pet list, so I am assuming that they might have space for her. Here is their website: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/GA327.html


The Chattanooga Border Collie Rescue also has no available pets listed: http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/TN39.html


I hope that helps!

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