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  1. I highly recommend the little green cleaning machine: http://www.bissell.com/little-green-deep-cleaner/ Sounds like she is doing great! I know a dog that wasn't house trained until she was 8 years old (of course that was her owner's fault)!
  2. We did one long walk in the middle of the day in which we focused on her shadow chasing. For about a month, my pups exercise schedule consisted of an early morning walk, a training walk, a late night walk (away from street lights), and mental exercise and games indoors. Let me tell you, it was a very long month. I'm really relieved she is over shadow chasing now and everything can get back to normal.
  3. How do turkeys attack? Do they do something other than knocking you down (which I imagine was quite painful)?
  4. Above all don't encourage it! That is why my pup's relative is so obsessed; her owners laughed and praised her when she chased shadows
  5. Did you ever get a picture of Juno's red markings?
  6. Eeeek! A turkey bigger than my dog! We have wild turkeys that live in my town that are pretty used to people (they like to roost in a tree over someone's car).
  7. Hmmm...I have heard the exact opposite: a dog who lays like that has bad hips
  8. My pup used to chase shadows and she now does not. We used methods that I dislike and hope to never use again, but I believe it was necessary. One of her relatives is so obsessed with shadows that she will sit by a window all day waiting for a branch to cast a shadow on the floor; we did not want our pup to be like that. We used a choke collar and when she looked at a shadow, told her to leave it; if she did not, then we tightened then released the collar. That being said, after about one month of working on it about 2-3 hours a day, she is now back to normal and totally ignores shadows I would suggest getting something like the gentle leader harness (attaches in front). You could use the method I stated above, but it will knock him off balance as opposed to choking him. I wish I had known about that harness when my pup was obsessed with shadows. No, I believe that behavior is abnormal for any breed of dog. Hopefully some more experienced members will have more advice for you.
  9. I'm glad you can help him! Do you have pictures?
  10. I see your point. I realize it would be really hard to know where to draw the line. It just makes me sad when people buy a dog/other pet because it "looks cute" and then are not prepared at all to care for it. It would be nice if people stopped breeding and buying ____ dogs, but it's not going to happen.
  11. I see what you mean, but the AKC wouldn't necessarily be running the licensing business. It could be run by the state or town.
  12. That's a good idea! Now to make it happen...
  13. Could you take a picture? That would be easier than just trying to tell coat color from descriptions.
  14. My pup had waves on her butt as her adult coat grew in, but they have disappeared. I will be interested in learning how the curly coat is inherited. Your dog is gorgeous!
  15. Bulldogs and teacup dogs both have very serious health problems and it is horrible that people have started breeding teacup (or at least miniature)bulldogs. The english bulldogs apparently are 25-30 lbs and the french bull dogs are 2.5-4 lbs. How much does an 3 month old english bulldog usually weigh? I ask because one of the sites selling mini english bulldogs has a 3 month old pup that weighs 1.9 lbs! More horror stories (people's experiences with teacup dogs): http://www.barktopia.com/teacup.htm
  16. I definitely have heard about the multiple health problems associated with teacup dogs. I forgot to add in my post that part of the reason I was concerned about the pup being sold is that this puppy will likely have many health problems that the average owner is not prepared for. Add the phrase "Smallest dog in Britain" and I bet a lot of people who are unprepared for dog ownership will want to own this pup or one like it. It is hard to imagine a 3-4 pound dog. The pup in the article is expected to top at 1.5 pounds!!! A dog the size of a rat...
  17. On a different topic, there is yorkie X Chihuahua pup that is now known for being Britain's smallest dog: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2195184/Britains-smallest-dog-Mini-tiny-sit-iPhone.html I hope that the pup will not be sold for a hugely outrageous price just because she is a "teacup" dog. What are your thoughts on this?
  18. My pup went into heat at 7.5 months and she is currently 9months and 34 lbs.
  19. It's great that she had so much fun, but I agree with Alchemist. It is not recommended to encourage jumping until their bones have solidified (about a year I think). Frisbee should be thrown low to the ground until then. I know an adult dog who blew out his knee after jumping for a Frisbee, so I don't think it is a good idea to encourage a pup to jump.
  20. That's a relief. I'm glad it turned out well and I hope Scout can find his forever home soon.
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