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6 month old tri smoothie mix(?)-GA

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This young dog is "more than urgent" (shelter's words, not mine) in Warner Robins, GA. Please contact the shelter *immediately* if you can help with rescue or adoption. He will not have much time left at all, the shelter is out of room and he's been moved to the back, where potential adopters can't even see him. He has a video on his PF page. I can't watch it and then imagine him going down. :(








This is a young adult Collie mix that has a beautiful tricolor coat. He is about six months old. Very playful and puppy like. Happy, loving, bouncing puppy that loves playing with the ball.


Warner Robins Animal Control, Warner Robins, GA



208 Stalnaker Drive

Warner Robins, GA 31088

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Yay! This boy will be headed to safety on Saturday. :D After spending all day emailing and sending FB messages, a friend and I found him a ride out of the shelter, a rescue to take him in, and a foster home, too.


If you'd care to make a donation, he's going to Aussie and Me Rescue, based in Florida. (no, he's not an Aussie, but they don't hold that against him :lol: ) http://www.aussieandme.org/


Thanks for the good thoughts, they worked!


ETA: Sorry, Julie, I was composing this masterpiece of a post while you were posting. Thanks for the heads up!

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Thank you for doing this. He is such a cutie. I don't know what is worse, the thought of an old dog being PTS or a youngster. Its just bad all the way around.


I hope he will find a forever home soon and makes some deserving person very happy.


OMG I am so glad I waited to watch the video until after knowing he is safe.

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He looks like a nice dog. It never ceases to amaze me how many really nice dogs end up in shelters. My sister just adopted the most delightful Samoyed from our local shelter. PSmitty, you clearly rock :)



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And what a wonderful little guy he is! I got this little guy as a Foster yesterday afternoon, and he is a complete Joy! I'm pretty sure he has a little hound of some sort in there but he immidiatly took to my other dogs and is very respectful of thier space. It is very obvious he has never been inside of a house before and even walking through the front door was a little challenging for him, and the wood floors are a scary thing for him. Though he is apprehensive now he is warming up quickly and has nothing but kisses and tailwags to offer even through his nervousness! He is very laid back, and calm, and crates well (my foster prayers were answered!). He has NO recall or obedience training so my work is cut out for me in that department, but I think in a few weeks he will be ready for a wonderful home!

It was amazing to see so many strangers came together for one little dog, I swore there would be no more fosters for a long time but something about this one tugged at my heart. Thanks to everyone including Paula for not giving up. It makes me sick to my stomach to look at him and think about how close he was to not having a second chance!

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I attached some updated pictures of Finn! He's a sweet boy and actually extreamly mellow which is nice, he has not had a single accident in the house and has been pretty low maintence. He would actually do well in a pet home and really wants more love and attention then actual activities. He's a easy going little guy!

post-12493-005770800 1339831409_thumb.jpg

post-12493-056319500 1339831419_thumb.jpg

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