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Lessons From A Stockdog By Bruce Fogt


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I just ordered this book off of Amazon, but it is a 1996 edition. I think there is a newer edition? I'm not sure.


I have to watch my pennies these days, and this 1996 edition was more reasonably priced and qualified for Amazon Prime shipping (which saves me a lot of money given my book addiction).


I am just wondering if it would be worth it to spend the extra money for the newest edition (if it exists).

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There is no mention of another edition on the Bruce Fogt's website.

He had a stack of them at Dr Ben's trial.






I see now where I got the apparently erroneous idea. On the Amazon web site where I searched for the book, the first result has "(Hardcover 2003)", while the others have "(Hardcover 1996)". That is likely the date of reprint. Sheeesh, as much as I buy from Amazon, you'd think I would have got that.

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