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scores for the bluegrass

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Scratched means the handler withdrew their entry before the trial started. Retired means the handler chose to quit the run in progress (as opposed to 'DQ' in which case the judge(s) stop the run.



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The Bluegrass had a lot of DQs and RTs on the Thursday Open in particular - while the day was nicely cool, it was pretty windy. Either dogs were not hearing and/or the sheep were much more flightly and unpredictable, as prey animals often are under windy conditions. It was a rough day for much of the day for many teams and I'd attribute a lot of that to the wind.


As has been said elsewhere, "The difference between DQ and RT is who says 'Thank you' first."

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Go to dogtrialentry.com, click (on the first page) on "select trials", then click at Bluegrass Open SDT #41 on "running order is available". Scroll down to the class you want, and you can choose to order it however you'd like (within limits, I was getting it to order on all columns except score, and I think that's fixed now for classes other than the Final).


There have been complaints about the site but it is a work in progress, and the person providing it was at the BG daily, getting feedback from Shelby Cook, our person entering the scores, and to Dee Alleyne, the treasurer/entry coordinator. Each day, another problem was fixed. This is a complicated trial with so many classes and the Final, and certain scoring issues unique to this year (a new way of dealing with DQs).


Each day saw progress with the posting and I think they will provide a great service once the kinks get ironed out, as they seem to be doing with great alacrity.

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