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Tim Medendorp Heart Transplant Benefit SDT

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The proceeds from our June 23 & 24 sheepdog trial (Ranch, Nursery, ProNovice, and NoviceNovice) will be donated to HelpHOPELive to help cover heart transplant expenses of my brother-in-law. I've attached the entry form for you to download.



Tim Medendorp Benifit (Pipedream Farm) SDT Entry Form.doc

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I got a short update from my sister on the plan for dealing with Tim's heart.


The surgeon is going to replace Tim's aortic and pulmonary valves with biological valves (pig, cow or horse) and then put in a LVAD heart pump on June 8th. Tim and I know that by replacing his non original valve, there is a possibility that more hearts will become available to him because it is creating antibodies and getting rid of it will get rid of the antibodies (hopefully). We also think that they are putting this pump in now to push Tim up the list sooner than if everything took place in the normal timetable. Most patients don't get the pump until they are having difficulties living "normally", then after they are on the pump awhile they become bed ridden at the hospital then transplant. By doing the pump now he will probably go up the list because they can say that he needs artificial assistance.
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Hello everyone,


The Tim Medendorp Benefit Sheepdog Trial at Pipedream Farm was an outstanding event!!! My thanks to hosts Mark and Renee Billadeau, judge Sue Asten, and multi-talented assistants Peggy Simpson and Todd Layfield!!! The field was beautiful, the sheep were challenging, and the hospitality was wonderful!! The handlers' dinner was delightful, and the comradery among handlers was terrific!! Way to go, Pipedream Farm!!!


post-6118-035430200 1340628758_thumb.jpg


Regards to all,


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Nancy summed it up very well. Thanks to all who made this possible. And we are all looking forward to seeing Lynn's photos!


What Nancy said - a perfect weekend! Wish I could have sampled the handler's dinner.


Em, working on the photos. Hoping to have Ranch 1 up tonight, but it may take me longer, as I think I have some photos for which I'll have to learn clone stamping in PS for eliminating extraneous objects that were otherwise ruining the shot. (If I were a better photographer, I'd have enough to choose from that this wouldn't be necessary, but this particular broken clock takes what it can get).


I'll put some up in the "People's Border Collie Gallery" this week so that everyone can see what a great trial you missed!

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