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  1. In addition to USDAA (for all the reasons above) I absolutely adore the ASCA trials. They let any dog in, even though it's the Australian Shepherd club, AND they allow training in the ring. So - if your dog blows a contact you are allowed to stop the course and work the contact (as long as you aren't obnoxious about it and stay within the course time limit). In my experience the people are awesome, it's a much smaller trial and my sensitive dog does much better there.
  2. My boy is the reason I started running and now I run half marathons! He and I train together and run about 20-30 miles a week So, I am a big supporter of running with your dog. My pup is soft, so when he gets over-aroused I ignore the behavior and keep running. If he is very overly aroused, I give a firm "ENOUGH", tighten the leash by raising straight up (like you see in dog shows, not chokingly tight). For some reason, the reminder that I am there and in charge is enough to shake him out of it (this is all done while running still) and he gets over it. Certain things will spark the over-aro
  3. The puppy is a 12 week old, 25lb male Husky. While my mother has some experience training Guide Dogs, she has never dealt with a problem dog or even one that has not been specifically bred for service work (her pet/pushover Golden doesn't count!). Not that I am the expert, but I try to learn as much and my exposure through agility training has made me aware of different personality dogs and the training joys/obstacles that go along with them. I know enough to know to realize that I don't know nearly enough about training I was very disappointed when I was talking to my mother about this
  4. Thanks everyone for your input... A husky/malamute would not be my first choice. This is a very complicated situation, more so than I realized when I first posted. Apparently the principal of the school is rather impulsive and the deed is done (puppy gotten). While my mother is liable for the training and control of the dog, apparently the principal believed she had all the power in the choosing process because she was footing the bill. The reason she (principal) wanted a husky was because the school mascot is a husky. Which, I tried explaining, should not matter. If you want a therapy
  5. So I know this isn't a border collie question but... My mother is looking for a therapy dog for the elementary school she works at. Her principle has okay'ed and the permissions are in place. The dog will accompany my mother at school and interact with the kids/ be present during therapy and such. The dog would be trained by and live with my mother, who has experience raising Guide Dogs for the Blind. The school originally wanted a Husky, but I am recommending a Malamute instead just based on temperament. However, I have no experience looking for reputable Malamute breeder and need som
  6. Look into ASCA trials (Australian Shepherd Club). They are open to non-members and allow training in the ring.
  7. -My roommates and I moved into a townhouse with four dogs. We fully intended to get a dining room table - but the dogs wrestle in the dining room. And so we eat on the couch - who needs a table in the way? -Whenever a dog is bad in the house (accident/chewing) I have never once thought it could be my dog. -I love my dog to death and don't particularly care for one of my roommates dogs. I try to tell myself it's because of the aggression issues / pottying in the house, but truly I just can't stand the dog's personality. Besides, Sully doesn't like him either and that's good enough for
  8. Young female on Washington DC's CL. ABCA, only 17 months. I could go and see her this weekend if anyone is interested. She is beautiful - would love to take her if I could. The post: CL Post
  9. What you are describing is my biggest fear... My dog has thunderphobia which began progressing at an alarming rate when he was about a year and a half. I do have the thundershirt. I trained and had him wear it during normal circumstances. I believe it takes the edge off; but do not expect a miracle. Before the shirt he went I could not sleep through a thunder storm because he would literally scream (from the bathroom tub of course). Now, he has decided the closet is his go-to place and though there is heavy panting; he doesn't scream any more. I'd try it! Mary
  10. Are spectators allowed? Would be happy to donate a spectator fee!
  11. DO NOT DRAG!!! My pup was unsure about the teeter, and the instructor pushed too far too fast forcing him up and allowing it to drop the whole distance. Sully wouldn't go back to that facility, I couldn't even get him in the door. This was about 8 months ago and he just did the teeter at full height for the first time on Monday. It started slow, at my new facility we had to treat him for coming near it, putting one foot on a super lowered teeter, putting two feet n, so on until we slowly were able to start raising it. I've spent two hours a week for the past 6-7 months repairing the damage a f
  12. My dog hated the crate with a passion for a long time. What I hadn't realized was that despite the dog blanket I was putting on the floor of the metal pan in the wire crate, every time he moved the pan would shift and make a little noise. He was literally terrified to move too much in the crate when alone because he HATES the metallic noises. Once I realized this (dumb mom) I wrapped the whole pan in an old blanket so that there wasn't the metal on metal noise, and it has helped substantially. You'll need all the crate games ans such other people have mentioned, but this may help a little
  13. For the pet barrier I love the WeatherTech Pet Barrier. It was super easy to set up, completely adjustable, and left no marks on my car when I took it out. It makes no noise either, which is important for my noise sensitive guy. For the cargo liner I use Lloyd RubberTite Cargo Liners. It fits my car perfectly and I haven't had a problem yet! Cheaper than the 'pet liners' out there. Hope this helps!! Mary
  14. I realize that this is an old post, but I had a question about papillomas and didn't feel the need to make a new topic. My dog (abt 2yo) has one inside his ear, right where the ear meets his head at the top. The vet squished it off the when I first found it, but within 3 weeks its back and much bigger than the first time( about the size of a robin's egg). My vet wants to put him under and burn it off so it doesn't come back. However, I think I read above that some of you waited and the papilloma went away. Will this happen or should I just go ahead and bite the bullet and have it removed?
  15. I've seen this guy on DC's craigslist for a few weeks. The shelter is rescue friendly, and I can pull and transport a ways if anyone is interested. Max (ID#A339826) is a 2 year old male (already neutered!!) Border Collie who weighs 41 lbs. Max lost his home when his family could no longer take care of him and is now waiting at the Prince George's Animal Management shelter hoping to find a great permanent home. If you're looking for a mentally and physically active younger dog, then come ask to meet Max in person soon! Scroll down past his photo for shelter adoption information, weblinks a
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