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derek scrimgeour video

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There is lots of good information on the DVDs, in my opinion, but I like Derek so I maybe biased in his favor.


i know you looked at a lot of videos from the folks awhile back, so i take your opinion very serious. i have his video "a hill shepherd trains his boarder collies" and i found it very informative. i asked the question because i just purchased a video which i was not to happy about. thank you for replying.


bill virginia

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I have one of his videos that came in 6 parts, filmed in the USA at a clinic. To be perfectly honest, I didn't find it in any way shape or form useful. I am a very visual person and this series was mostly Derek standing there talking to the camera, so I felt as if I may as well have been reading a book. I was hoping for more sequences of the dogs actually working. If it hadn't been a gift I would have wanted to return it.

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liz and Maja


liz was the video you were not satisfied with "Training secrets of a Hill Shepperd." (2dvd)???????????


maja and liz Here is my opinion of the following videos:


That"do by H. Glyn Jones (Good)

Come By and Away H. Gly Jones (good)

A hill shepherd trains his border collies by Derek Schrimgeour (pretty good)

Starting your borders collie on cattle, sheep or ducks by Rural Route Videos (excellent)

building a winning team headed in the right direction pat shannahan (not satisfied)


the above are my opinion others may differ with me, but that is what makes the world go bye.



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Bill, I can't remember. I think it was 2 DVDs (maybe later this week I'll dig through my boxes and see if I kept it). It was filmed at Geri Byrne's place during a clinic he did there. The DVD was purchased through Geri.

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it is hard to criticize Patrick Shannahan since he it two time national champion and i have not won a trial ever.



This is a public forum and i believe it would be inappropriate for me to air my objections. Having said this i do not plan to review the dvd again.


bill virginia

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update on video. i purchased it.


My opinion

I agree with Liz. Too much standing around and very little visual work with border collies.

Information covered was good but too protracted. Information could have been covered in one DVD.

Derek has a great deal of information to share with folks.


If you took a lesson from a trainer it would cost you as much as the DVD’s. Therefore, in a practical way, I believe it was worth the investment.

Bill virginia

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