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  1. Loggenboots I relate the following because all my dogs are rescue dogs. Angus (now 10) is my cheerleader. Arrived with diabetes insipidous. Rocky (now 12) is my number 2 herding dog. He arrived with heart worm and ticks all over his body. Zac (age unknown) number 1 herding dog. Story to follow. Zac was found running wild with substantial amount of burn marks around his neck. The pound contacted a service group and told them they were going to put him to sleep in one hour and if they wanted him to come down immediately. They tried to get him to pick up a phone and other service
  2. This has worked for me and it costs nothing. Get a stick and several walmart plastic bags. Put plastic bags together and tape them to one end of the stick. When the dog comes in too close i shake the stick(it makes a noise) while making a vocal noise at the same time. bill
  3. I asked the question because i am interested in other's opinion. I have three BC, two are working dogs and one a cheerleader. the two working dogs i try to give them equal training time. Very interesting discussion and look forward to other folks opinion. thanks bill virginia
  4. This is a philosophical and a procedural question on Border collie training. I have read that it is unfair to train more than one dog at a time, because in doing so, it does not give enough training time for the other dogs. With this said, I have worked with border collies for over 30 years. It would appear that there may be merit to this augment. What is your opinion? Bill virginia
  5. Thank you for those kind words TEC I have two other BC Angus, my cheerleader, not interested in sheep, is a rescue dog that has a rare disease, diabetes insipitus. His pituitary gland tells him to consume large quantities of water and his kidney then must expel the water. Unfortunately, this condition does not allow him to stay indoors over night. Rocky, my number two worker, came from Texas with heart worm and almost died. His body was covered with massive amount of ticks. Many happy moments in my life have been spent in the company of a dog. If you listen they will teach
  6. The Story of Zac. Zac was found running wild with substantial amount of burn marks around his neck. The pound contacted a service group and told them they were going to put him to sleep in one hour and if they wanted him to come down immediately. They tried to get him to pick up a phone and other service related act but to no avail. When Zac came here he had uncontrollable diarrhea and very serious personal problems. I trialed many years ago and knew Ralph Pulfer. Yes the one thing he was good at, was winning. Yes he always kept the dogs that would win, others he moved on. Back
  7. thank you all for your advice. bill virginia
  8. My place is small and i have really never needed to use a whistle. Having said that, i decided i would like to try and get my dogs to work with a whistle. What am i doing wrong? 1. i give verbal command first then whistle. 2. i use body language to should dog which way to go. 3. either i am dumb or my dog is. 4. i go over and over one whistle command each time out. it seems the dog does not respond consistently. 5. we have only worked on "come bye" and "walk up." 6. It has been two week (i train every day). anyone have any suggestions????????????????????????????? thanks b
  9. Cyberdog i got a kick out you say you are getting old at 25. Keep working with your dog and both of you will grow and form a bond that other folks that do not own BC don't understand. I work my two BC every day with the three sheep i purchased. We go on outruns, go though gates and we pen the sheep. We have a great time. Sometimes their performance is great and sometimes not so good. But at the end of day we had fun. Tomorrow we will do it again. I am blessed having the opportunity to work with these wonderful dogs over the years. Each dog has his/her own personality and they bring del
  10. just a question. do you want the big field to work on for you or for the dogs????? Lin Yutang once said, "The secret of contentment is knowing how to enjoy what you have, and to be able to lose all desire for things beyond your reach." Just a thought. bill virginia
  11. update on video. i purchased it. My opinion I agree with Liz. Too much standing around and very little visual work with border collies. Information covered was good but too protracted. Information could have been covered in one DVD. Derek has a great deal of information to share with folks. Conclusion: If you took a lesson from a trainer it would cost you as much as the DVD’s. Therefore, in a practical way, I believe it was worth the investment. Bill virginia
  12. Maja since i did not get any more comments on "Training secrets of a Hill Shepperd.", i decided to purchase it and take my chances. thanks for your comments bill virginia
  13. jodi it is hard to criticize Patrick Shannahan since he it two time national champion and i have not won a trial ever. This is a public forum and i believe it would be inappropriate for me to air my objections. Having said this i do not plan to review the dvd again. bill virginia
  14. jodi will get back to you tomorrow night. i am in the middle of preparing lecture on civil war medicine. bill virginia
  15. liz and Maja liz was the video you were not satisfied with "Training secrets of a Hill Shepperd." (2dvd)??????????? maja and liz Here is my opinion of the following videos: That"do by H. Glyn Jones (Good) Come By and Away H. Gly Jones (good) A hill shepherd trains his border collies by Derek Schrimgeour (pretty good) Starting your borders collie on cattle, sheep or ducks by Rural Route Videos (excellent) building a winning team headed in the right direction pat shannahan (not satisfied) the above are my opinion others may differ with me, but that is what makes the world
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