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Brock is 4 months old!

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Just thought I would do a little Brock update. He's doing awesome :) We've had a few little 'issues' come up that we are dealing with. It's definitely harder this time around having a BC. Not because of my son but because of where we live! In the past we lived in more rural areas and now we are more into the city. On Sunday we went to a Market. We brought Brock along since he was left at home most of the day Saturday. He handled it great. Crossed the busy intersections, passed by noisy food trucks with generators running etc. We even had the opportunity to work on some training in the midst of all of it! Of course he loved all the people coming up to him and giving him loves! Oh and he had an encounter with a 145lb Malamute!!!!! That dog was massive and gorgeous, a true Malamute. The only negative to the day was all the bikes. He was OK the first part of the day but after a walk on the trail to let our son run around it became too much for him and he turned into OCD dog. So instead of walking back via the trail we went back thru the street market to deter his focus.

I don't have any full body shots of him since once he sees me crouch down to try and get a pic he comes running to me lol But here's a cute pic of him from Sunday :)



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Yeah I'm pretty much his whole world lol Today hubby went to feed him his lunch while I went to lay our son down. I came out and there was Brock sitting, patiently waiting to be OK'd to eat. I asked my hubby if he told him OK? He did but Brock just sat there. So I said OK and he got up and ate! LoL!!!! My hubby just shook his head at me.

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He is adorable! Mine is right behind him...Zeke will be 4 months at the end of the month.

Does your puppy seem to be getting his adult fur? Zeke has a little patch of smoother, darker, little bit longer on his tail.

I'm really intrigued at the changes that they go through...he is getting a few spots, he is getting longer and leaner...and I really can't wait to see how his ears turn out!

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He has a patch on his back that is long and shiny and he's getting his leg and tail feathers. It seems his coat is changing very gradually. He hit a growth spurt a couple weeks ago and got all leggy and now it seems his body is catching up. He was 21.7lbs at the vet a couple weeks ago and I would guess he's gained a few more since.

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