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I backpack with my dogs. I now have a Kelty dog pack for my Border Collie mix. I am looking for a pack for my 1 year old Border Collie for our impending trip this summer. She is classic BC: lithe, about 43 pounds and thin. I am not happy with the Kelty for a number of reasons. Does anyone have any experience with a pack for a "classic" Border Collie. I'm not looking for her to carry alot of weight. I find that when my other dog has his pack on he has a "job to do" and is more in tune to the hike. Brynn will carry dry food and a light plastic bowl.

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I don't actually use this brand (a little pricey), but I have heard nothing but good reviews from people on Ruff Wear packs.




If you're looking from something on the cheaper side, I use and happen to love the Outward Hound packs you can get at Petsmart. Plus you can at least try them on before you buy! I thought my Heeler needed a large according to the sizing chart, but he ended up needing a medium after we tried them on. :)

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Some Sports Authorities carry Ruffwear items, mostly in the larger stores or the S.A. Elite stores. R.E.I. is a big Ruffwear carrier, too, if you're looking to try out the Ruffwear packs. I love the company and swear by a lot of their outdoors products. :)

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I know that there has been one or two previous topics asking this same question. You may want to search them out to get info too.


I also like (and use) the Ruffwear Approach pack. Wonderful fit. Torque took to it right away. Never even gave it a second thought. He is 40 lbs, 21.25 at the shoulder. I purchased based on the sizing information on the website.


They are a little more expensive, but if you look online, you might be able to find a better deal. I think I bought mine from backcountry.com and saved about $10 compared to normal retail price.



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